How To Organize Your Cupboards Just In Time For Christmas

There is no family home in the country that will not struggle with cupboard space at Christmas as when you are buying those extra bits, your cupboards and drawers can begin to overflow. Today, we're sharing our top tips for organized cupboards.

To organize your cupboards, there are a few things you can do to avoid the inevitable chaos.

Here is everything you need to know about organised cupboards just in time for Christmas:

  1. Buy what you need.

    This is a simple hack but one that is so important. At Christmas, we tend to overbuy because we worry that we may run out of things. The truth is, if you are smart with your shopping list and make a weekly menu of food to eat, then there is little chance of forgetting things. So, if you are guilty of filling the cupboards with stuff that will be there at Easter time then be a little more organised this Christmas and write a list of things needed for each day over Christmas. We promise this will simplify the cupboard overcrowding issues. 

  2. Sort them before you shop.

    Before you hit the shops - as mentioned above, do your list, check over the cupboards and see what you have. Check dates on items and freshen up the cupboards before you fill them to the brim! There is nothing wrong with adding a few items to the list for safety (if you burn anything) but don’t go overboard either. Once you’ve checked everything over, sort the cupboards and have them ready for more items. 

  3. Put them away in order of use.

    There is no point putting cans of beans in the back of your cupboard if you use them often. Pop items away in terms of use and leave the less used items in the back. Stack them as well so you can see them, and one tip is to stick a small white/chalkboard in the inside of the cupboard with a list of things you have in the cupboard. While this helps you to organize your cupboards, it also helps you because when you don’t have something, you will know about it. Have a shopping list on the fridge so you can add things missing from the cupboards to the list, so you don’t forget to pick it up the next time you are in the shops. 

  4. Think of jars and tins.

    There are some items that you can pop into jars to keep them organised. Items like rice, pasta and flour can be added into large jars and stored in cupboards or deep sized drawers. Don’t forget to label them and pop an expiry on it too if you don’t use some items often like caster sugar – if you aren’t much of a baker, that is!

  5. Keep the good work up.

    Instead of reverting back to chaos in a few weeks, try and keep up the organisation. Show your family how to pop things away and make it a weekly part of your routine to move the cupboards around to tidy them up properly. It will get easier as you go. For Christmas, they will be bulging but once they are bulging the right way then you’ll find it a lot easier. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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