Annoying Things You Argue With Your Teen About

Part and parcel of having a teenager is the endless amount of arguments and they can be quite tiring. No matter what, you're bound to clash on some issues.

Here are some of the annoying things that you will probably argue with your teen about: 


Most teenagers want freedom and there is one thing standing in their way - you! Cue endless arguments about them wanting to walk into town and spend the day on their own with friends. Then there are the discos and you will fret about leaving them to go about their business alone, however, it is part of them growing up.  


Like them or not, friends are a part of teenagers lives and we can only hope they end up with good friends who have a sensible head on their shoulders. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, and you may worry that your teenager is being led astray by a friend or your teenager may be the one leading their friends astray – who knows? What we do know is that teenagers need friends so try and be friendly with their pals and their parents so you can keep a watchful eye on them as they navigate through life.  


Unless you have a teenager who doesn’t mind working on their schoolwork, you will most likely be faced with the fact that your teenager hates studying or doing their homework. There will probably be a time when they do badly in a test or when they let themselves down leading to more arguments, but it does blow over in time.  

Messy rooms 

Teenagers like to live in a mess - unless they are touched with an organisation attitude which might be unlikely! Teenagers will leave bits and bobs around their bedroom and God knows what you’ll find when you go into their bedroom. Equally, they won’t want you in there and if you do go in, they’ll have words with you about tidying their room! 

Girl on phone while drinking coffee.
No matter what, you and your teen are bound to clash on some issues.

Not helping around the house 

Teenagers are well able to do things and they can work the washing machine, hoover and the dishwasher if they are able to work a smartphone. They need to be shown how but, in most cases, parents leave them be as they can’t face the arguments and the teenager doing it wrong. Maybe they do it on purpose?  

Bad moods

Newsflash! In case you didn’t know, teenagers can be extremely moody, and this bodes badly for your relationship. You’ll not know if it is ok to say hello to them and sometimes, they’ll ignore you altogether. But when they want something, they’ll be chatty! 

Family days out

Yes, one thing many parents don’t realise is that once your teenager grows, they will be less likely to want to spend time with you or take part in family days out. They’ll probably not want to be seen in public with you either! Fun times indeed! 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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