How To Help Your Child Have A Better Day At School

Saying these simple things before your child goes off to school can have a big impact on their school day and their outlook in life.

For most, the mornings are mayhem.  

Add multiple children going to school and it can be crazy! The potential for meltdowns and a parent shouting can be fairly high.  But what way is that to send your little one into school? With a conscious effort and a bit of organizing, you can really set your child off to have a fantastic day. 

Here are some things that will hugely benefit your little one by saying to them before they go off to school.  

How are you?

Such a simple little question, but questions are a great conversation starter. They can help a child identify how they feel about something, about their own desires and their own emotions. Asking your little one questions can also be empowering for them.  So often as parents we want to solve all our children’s problems but actually, they are quite capable of figuring it out all on their own, if they’re given the chance. 

Be kind 

Often there can be a feeling of a need for rivalry with children. Reminding them to be kind can change their whole reaction to peers that they will encounter in their day.  Whether it is being kind somebody that is having a hard time or just not retaliating in a situation where that might happen, being kind is always a good habit to start young.

Your glass is half full 

Every single day is full of negatives that can be turned into positives. It’s all just habits, really. Encouraging and helping your children to reframe negative situations into positive ones will be a skill they will have for their entire lives. Children watch and learn from our very actions so try to be mindful with how you react to negative situations, too. 

How was your day? 

Much like before they go to school, when they get home give them undivided attention for a few minutes to ask them how their day was. Really listen when they tell you. If they are struggling a bit, ask them about the best and worst part of their day. 


Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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