What About New Year’s Resolutions For Kids?

I can’t say I have always kept to my New Year’s resolutions, but that is mostly because they have been unsustainable and unrealistic. Over the years, I have learnt to keep to my resolutions by breaking them down into small, actionable steps.

It’s a great, mindful skill that has helped me to approach change in a different manner, making it much more achievable and manageable. So, my resolutions are smaller and more refined so that I can hit my target. But New Year's resolutions are not just for adults; kids as young as seven can be encouraged to set goals for the year ahead.

How To Help Kids Make Resolutions

The New Year is a happy occasion and making resolutions can feel like a brand new beginning. To help our kids make resolutions and to set goals, we can first help them by encouraging them to recognise all they have learnt over the past year, and how much they have changed. This can then inspire them to think about what they would like to do, change, or explore over the next year.

Switch From Big To Small

When we think about resolutions, we often think big. Lifestyle changes, alterations to our routine, and stepping way outside of our comfort zone can be massive blocks in reaching our goals. When our kids make a list of potential resolutions, help them to break them down into smaller steps so that they can build a habit. Make suggestions, rather than tell them what they should do. Their resolutions must be within their own limits.

Make New Year’s Resolutions A Family Ritual

On New Year’s Day sit down and make resolutions together as a family. Sharing our resolutions at the same time not only brings us closer together as a family but gives us an accountability partner meaning if we start to falter on our resolutions, someone in the family will help to keep us on track.

Remember: No Nagging

No one likes to be nagged about something they aren’t doing. If we’re followed up for slipping on our resolutions we will more than likely drop them all together very shortly after. When our kids struggle to keep up with a resolution, we should first let them know that we understand how hard it is and then encourage them to figure out another way to maintain the momentum.

10 Small, Actionable Resolutions For Kids

  • I will keep my room clean
  • I will try new foods
  • I will pay attention more in class
  • I will do my chores every week
  • I will be nicer to my brother and sister
  • I will put things away after I’ve used them
  • I will ask for help if I need it
  • I will make my own lunch for school
  • I will read more books
  • I will learn to play the guitar

Geraldine Walsh

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