Kids names with the cutest nicknames: if you are searching for a baby name then check this out

Suddenly, nicknames are cool again. 

Suddenly, nicknames are cool again.

Are you searching for a name that will look good ‘n’ strong on your kids CV when they get older, but has a super-cute short form for the younger years?
I’ve heard of lots of parents who want to give their child a “strong” name so they’re taken seriously when they grow up, but they think they can sound a bit too grown up for a little-en.
So we’ve put together a great list for ‘inspiration’ if you’re the kind of parent who thinks the same:

  • Abigail: Abbi
  • Alexandra: Lexie
  • Agatha: Aggie
  • Beatrice: Bea
  • Dorothy: Dot
  • Evelyn: Evie
  • Edwina: Edie
  • Florence: Florrie
  • Francesca: Franny
  • Imogen: Idgie
  • Julia: Jules
  • Katherine: Kat/Kitty
  • Lillian: Lily
  • Louise: Lulu
  • Madeline: Maddie
  • Samantha: Sam
  • Vanessa: Nessa
  • Albert: Bertie
  • Alfred: Alfie
  • Archibald: Archie
  • Benjamin: Benji
  • Charles: Charlie
  • Edward: Eddie/Ned
  • Frederick: Freddie
  • Harry: Hal
  • Joseph: Joe
  • Nicholas: Nico
  • Nathaniel: Nate
  • Oliver: Ollie
  • Oswald: Ozzie
  • Robert: Bob
  • Tobias: Toby
  • Vincent: Vinnie
  • Walter: Walt


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