Creative ways to choose a name for your baby

There are plenty of interesting places to look for baby names

As you enter the homestretch of your pregnancy, alongcomes decision time to name your forthcoming arrival. Sure, the name you choose for your baby will be a defining piece of his or her identity for a lifetime. So no pressure, right? 
It's a lot of pressure. So if you're in a pickle and are struggling to find a name that you love, think about these creative ways to inspire you.
  • Looking up ancestry records can provide options for finding a baby name
  • Using places you have visited as a couple or looking to local landmarks as inspiration
  • Visiting the library and noting the names of the author of the books
  • We've heard of people visiting cemeteries to find name ideas (?)
  • Asking the names of individuals encountered during day-to-day activities- like nurses, shop assistants and waiters for example.
  • Thinking globally. If you're tired of popular names where you live, look at names parents in other countries are using. For example, some popular girls' names in the UK in the last few years have been Evie, Summer, Millie, Freya, Imogen and Matilda.
  • Seeing a movie. At the end of all movies they list the cast and crew- see if you like any of these. And at the end of all Pixar movies the list all of the "Production Babies" in the credits. There are usually some interesting names on these lists. 
  • Going back in time to popular names from the last century can provide inspiration for some gorgeous names.
Did you use any of these ideas, or did you have another creative way of choosing your little moniker's name?

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