Baby Names Inspired By The 70s

We've picked the most popular baby names of the 70s for your little ones. 

Remember the 70s? Or even That 70's Show? Yep - well it inspired many a man and woman. 
And today, it can inspire the name of your latest arrival to the family. 
Lets face it, when we think of that era we see flower crowns, floral dresses, long hair and plenty of flares - but there were glorious times too. 
Check out these fabulous baby names inspired by the 70s that are cool as hell and making a comeback...
  • Melissa
  • Michelle
  • Amy
  • Kimberly
  • Heather
  • Stephanie
  • Kelly
  • Jessica
  • Nicole
  • Jason
  • James
  • David
  • Brian
  • William
  • Robert
  • Matthew
  • Eric
  • Daniel


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