Baby Name Inspiration: 29 Unusual spellings of common enough names

How do you spell yours?

Are you looking for a baby name that is a little different? Would you consider making your baby's name less traditional with a modern new spelling?
Many parents opt for trendy, alternative spellings to traditional names- like these ones that we found below.
Is there a drawback though?
When it comes to baby name spellings, there really are no hard and fast rules, but keep one thing in mind. Your modifications may make your baby's name personal and unique, but he or she may end up spending a lot of time correcting people who misspell it. Let us know what you think.
  • Alexzandre (Boy)
  • Avah (Girl)
  • Ayden (Boy)
  • Aimee (Girl)
  • Braedyn (Boy)
  • Cydnee (Girl)    
  • Dafydd (Boy)    
  • Emmalee (Girl)
  • Gavyn (Boy)
  • Izobel (Girl)    
  • Jaxson (Boy)    
  • Jayceson (Boy)    
  • Jazzmyn (Girl)
  • Jerimiah (Boy)    
  • Johnathon (Boy)    
  • Jovanny (Boy)    
  • Kamryn (Girl)    
  • Kamryn (Boy)
  • Kaytlynn (Girl)    
  • Khloe (Girl)    
  • Kristoffer (Boy)    
  • Maddisyn (Girl)    
  • Myah (Girl)    
  • Mykel (Boy)    
  • Rayan (Boy)
  • Rebekkah (Girl)    
  • Rylee (Girl)    
  • Xzavier (Boy)    
  • Zakkery (Boy)


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