5 Unique Reasons For Choosing Their Baby’s Name

Choosing your children’s names is such a big decision. It is a decision that will pertain to their identity for their entire life

Choosing your children’s names is such a big decision. It is a decision that will pertain to their identity for their entire life. It is the name that you will call (and sometimes shout) several times a day every single day. It is what makes them unique.
It can be a really straightforward decision for some people. Some have family names that are traditionally passed down. Others have always had “a name” they adored and thankfully their other half was on board with it. For the majority of people though, it’s a really difficult decision. It’s so... final. We want to get it right and many of us look in the strangest of places for inspiration. 
Here are some real-life stories from parents who arrived at their naming decisions for really unique reasons. 
  • The week we discovered we were pregnant we had been to see a movie at the cinema. While watching the movie the name didn’t resonate with me at all but when we found out the gender it immediately came to mind and I loved it. It felt sentimental and symbolised that very special week where everything changed in our lives.
  • We were discussing baby names over dinner one night and I mentioned a boy’s name that I liked. My husband asked how it was spelt and his spelling suggestion articulated an entirely different name. A made up name if you will. It’s now our son’s name and we absolutely love it. Who knew that dodgy spellings could have such a big impact on life decisions?
  • It was the name of our favourite character in the show we religiously watched together. I suggested it one day jokingly and 3 years later we’ve never looked back. It suits him and we love the reason behind it. It represents an experience where we make time for each other as a couple. The show has since ended but we always make the effort to try to find something to watch together in the evenings.
  • The world cup named our little girl. We travelled to see a match and the goal scorer left quite an impression on our lives it seems. Years later we joked about it and decided to take the plunge.
  • A fashion line I don’t even like bringing out a new collection of shoes. When I heard the name of the collection I thought that it sounded like a name for a little girl. A year later and it was. 

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