5 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

You can spend nine long months choosing a name for your baby, so here's some handy tips to help you...

You can spend nine long months choosing a name for your baby, so here's some handy tips to help you...
It might seem difficult, but consider not making your final, final decision until the baby's born. Once baby is here, and you're looking at your new adorable offspring and they are real and tangible you may find a sense of clarity. For me it was staring into my baby’s eyes that gave me the answer. But if you'd like to get organised in advance, ponder upon these tips-
#1 Keep the name on the low down
Consider sharing your favourite with someone close to you (but just one person) who is not your partner. Choose someone you trust and whose opinion you value above all others. I skipped my mum, although she knows me the best, I choose to go outside the family. Just seeing the first reaction from someone you’re close to will help you make the call.
#2 Say it aloud
Saying and hearing your favourite choices will help. Talk to ‘Sam’ or ‘Jane’ for a day or two and see if it sits well with you.  You’ll soon discover which choice feels like a natural fit for you and your family.
#3 Write it/Type it
Take a pen and paper and write down the first name and your surname and see how it looks. Then type it and do the same. Do you like it? When you see it scribbled down or the cursor flashing after it in black and white it might crystallise things for you.
#4 Does it make you smile?
Relax and close your eyes. Say each of your names and try and picture your baby. Go with the one that makes you smile. If you love it before they arrive, just imagine how you will adore it when they are here?
#5 The alphabet!
If you’re at a total loss consider this:
Arthur will always be called first and Zoe will be called last!
And that’s only if they go by first name!


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