20 Wonderful Names For December Born Babies

Are you due a baby this December or know someone that is?

Are you due a baby this December or know someone that is? Here is our list of 20 December baby names  that you might select one for your little bundle of joy.
He was the elder brother of Moses. This name originated from the Hebrew name Aharon meaning lofty or high mountain. 
This name has its roots in the Hebrew language, derived from the name Belshatzzar and it means save the ruler.
One of the commonest names in Christian community and originates from a Latin name Christianus which means the follower of Christ. 
This name comes from an old English word, and it means cold weather, a very cool name for this time of the year.
This name originates from the Hebrew name Gavri’el. It also comes from the Angel Gabriel.
This name comes from the Persian origin meaning the treasurer. He was one of the three Magi or wise men and kings who went to see the baby Jesus.
This name comes from the Latin name Ioseph, which has its root in the Hebrew name Yosef signifying he will add.
It’s the short form of Kristoffer which is again the Scandinavian version of the English name Christopher.
This name has its origin in the Greek language. It originates from two words ‘nike’ (meaning victory) and ‘laos’ (meaning people). Who could forget the connection to the famous Santa Claus too!
This name has originated from the French language, and it means Christmas.
Being a girlish name but its meaning is father’s joy, most probably stating that the birth of a daughter brings joy to father and originates from a Hebrew name Avigayil. She was the 3rd wife of Moses. 
This name is the feminine form of the name Christian used in French or German and means the devotee of Christ. 
This name comes from the Hebrew language, and it means a place of enjoyment resembling to the famous Garden of Eden.
This name was derived from Hebrew language and is the feminine form of the name Emmanuel. 
The Latin word fidere which signifies to trust gave birth to the English word faith and from there this name came into existence.
As per the Bible, she was the mother of the spiritualist Samuel and is derived from the Hebrew name Channah signifying grace.
This December girl name comes from an old English word holen, and it means tree or shrub in various languages. 
It originates from the name Lucia which is the feminine variety of the name Lucius. This baby name comes from the Latin word ‘lux’ meaning light.
She was the mother of Jesus, as per Bible. The Hebrew name Miryam who was the sister of Moses, gave rise to the Greek name Mariam or Maria and Mary is the diminutive form of this Greek name.
This name comes from the old English word steorra and is a different form of the name star.

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