20 Spring Inspired Baby Names For Boys and Girls

If you’re expecting your baby in Spring and want to give your new arrival a seasonal inspired name, we’ve got just what you need. 

Spring is a time for new beginnings, rebirth, awakening, and of course, lovely plant life in bloom.
As such, there are plenty of baby names to choose from when it comes to this season, and we had a lot of fun compiling them for a little round-up to inspire you if you're due a baby this springtime.
1. Aviv
This Hebrew name means ‘spring’.
2. April
This name isn’t used very often these days, but it’s a beautiful, fresh name for a northern hemisphere spring inspired name.
3. Blossom
Everything is blooming in the spring and many of the trees have blossom.
4. Bluebell
Geri Horner (previously Halliwell) named her daughter Bluebell. It’s a cute spring name or middle name.
5. Bradwell
Bradwell means ‘from the broad spring’.
6. Daisy
A cute floral name for a little girl.
7. Florence
This Latin name means ‘blooming’.
8. Laverna
This French name means ‘born in the spring’.
9. March
This name is another northern hemisphere spring name and also works as a cute middle name.
10. Mae
Mae or May is a northern hemisphere spring name that means ‘goddess of spring growth’.
11. Lily
One of the most popular English flower names, she might not be the only Lily in the playground, but we’re sure you’ll love her name forever. A symbol of purity in Christian imagery, famous Lily’s include model Lily Cole, singer Lily Allen and Harry Potter’s mother and daughter.
12. Skye
A popular name for both girls and boys, this cute name is actually a place in Scotland. With plenty of spring connotations, we love the names fresh feel.
13. Willow
An ancient, but beautiful name that features in literature from Shakespeare to Harry Potter, it has recently made a revival after Will Smith’s famous daughter whipped her hair back and forth.
14. Aries
A cute Zodiac sign name that commemorates your baby’s birth date, we love this unusual name. As an Aries, your baby will be the leader of the pack, spontaneous and daring Let’s see if he lives up to his name!
15. Heath
Another nature-themed name for spring, Heath means ‘the heathland dweller’. Now famously linked to the late Heath Ledger, this beautiful traditional name is still a lovely seasonal choice.
16. Owen
A strong Celtic name that means ‘young warrior’ or ‘well born’, this cute name is rising in popularity.
17. Wells
A name that literally means ‘spring’, for a long time, Wells has been considered a surname. In recent years, we’ve seen Wells be used more and more as an alternative spring forename and we love it.
18. Denver
Meaning ‘green valley’, this is another unusual spring choice for your new arrival.
19. Eden
A unisex choice, this traditional biblical name is rising in popularity at the moment. Meaning ‘paradise’, this cute name has a fresh feel to it.
20. Sunny
Another unisex name that literally means ‘sunny’. Hopefully your little one will live up to his radiant, happy name!

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