Why Parents Always Feel Guilty.

Here are some of the reasons why parents take themselves on a guilt trip from time to time.

If only we could wave a magic wand and never feel guilt, however that's easier said than done.
It is virtually impossible not to feel guilty while raising children as there are good days when all goes to plan and your kids are so well behaved. Then there are the days were the kids wreck the place and scream all day long with little time for quality time. Here are some of the reasons why parents feel guilty from time to time.
Working/not working- Parents feel guilty for going to work and therefore being away from the home for huge parts of the day. Then there is the parent that isn’t working and feels bad for not going to work all day earning their own living... (but don’t pay any attention to the people who think they know it all!)
Truth- Do what is right for your family.
T.V babysitter- Parents have lots to do and it is understandable that you may need to leave the T.V to entertain your hyper kiddies while you get breakfast together. It is a useful device to have in times of need! 
Truth- A little T.V is fine, hours in front of it is not.
Junk food/Healthy food- Of course cooking a healthy nutritious meal is vital for all the families’ health however sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day and no one will blame you for having a take away.
Truth- A junk food dinner won’t do any harm once in a while.
Not spending quality time with the kids- Sometimes you just can’t fit in everything and of course there will be days were you barely get a minute to chat to your kiddies. Family days out are a great idea but it is not imperative that you do this every single weekend day.
Truth- Make up for the busy days with one quality time day and remember your kids know you adore them.
Leaving your kids for a night off- The babysitter is booked and you are going to be childfree for a few hours though you feel incredibly guilty. The nippers are moaning at you for heading off while begging that you stay, and now you are about to cancel your well-earned night off.
Truth- One night off is vital for your well-being and your relationship, the kids will be fine-go out!
Not being able to buy everything they want- The youngsters want this and need that and there quite simply isn’t enough funds in the bank account to get these things. Even though you tell the kids to put them on their list for birthdays or to save their pocket money you can’t help but feel sad that you can’t afford these things now.
Truth- If kids got what they wanted all the time they would be spoilt, teach them to value things and save their pocket money to get them.
Shouting at the kids- It has being a long day and the little monsters are testing your patience constantly arguing with each other. It is only natural that you snap and shout at them after numerous attempts and warnings from you to quieten up.
Truth- The kids will have forgotten about your outburst five minutes from now and remind them you love them once the dust has settled.
Don’t feel so bad, you are doing a tremendous job and never forget that.
Written by Emma, Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at  www.familyfriendlyhq.ie 
Check out her own blog at emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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