Why Independent Kids Are The Funniest In The World

All parents want their kids to be self-sufficient and independent as it stands to them in the future but there are some kids that are naturally independent.

Who doesn’t love independent kids? Aren’t they swell? In fairness, all parents want their kids to be self-sufficient and independent as it stands to them in the future but there are some kids that are naturally independent.
These kids can be hard work at times and extremely funny too in equal measures. Here are some of the reasons why naturally independent kids are the funniest in the world:
1. They like feeding themselves 
This is pure messy when your overly independent kid won’t let you help them with their bowl of mash and veggies. Therefore, that stuff gets EVERYWHERE, and your child is deliriously happy but not so much parents who have to clean up. This may limit your options for dinner out when you consider wrestling a spoon off your toddler! The joys!
2. They like to be “big”
By this they copy everything you do so you’ll find them on your phone but not to play games, to call people and talk business and they’ll want to borrow your clothes and act older. They may refuse any help, so they can act big and decide to chop their own food themselves causing huge amounts of chunks flying everywhere. Furthermore, they’ll stop you dropping them into pre-school and tell you to get away. They will constantly tell you they are “big” and will act like so until they hurt themselves and want mum and dad!
3. They like to talk 
They really do as they listen in to parents’ conversations and understand that being independent means having the chats. Their language and social skills will surprise you, but you will be proud too. The negative side of this is that you may never get a word in edgeways and you might never get the quiet time you dream about!
4. They don’t like being told what to do
This is one of the big things as independent kids won’t take being told what to do lightly. They’ll cause blue murder and you may need to extract them from whatever location you are in to avoid a very big scene. You may think you are raising a kid from the mafia the way your youngster goes on about being given out to. Of course, it is unavoidable as kids will do things they shouldn’t do but your child will be offended.
5. They get mad at you for not letting them be
Like the above, they won’t want to be told off or told not to do something. They’ll be happiest when they can do just as they like and not be given orders. However, we are talking about youngsters here and not teenagers. So, your tot may want to walk to school by themselves or go into the bathroom alone in a shopping centre, but that isn’t possible at their age. They may ask for a mobile phone too because you know they need to talk to their friends. They may not want to hold your hand and they certainly won’t want to be seen getting help with stuff.
However, for all these little mannerisms your independent child has they will probably one day run the country and that is ace!

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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