What is tiger parenting? Everything you need to know!

Parenting is tough enough but with all different sorts of parenting styles it can make it a little more complicated.

Parenting is tough enough but with all different sorts of parenting styles it can make it a little more complicated. Years ago, there probably wasn’t as much pressure to pick a box between helicopter, elephant or indeed, tiger parenting. Things were simpler, and therefore, parents are under pressure because of the internet and social media, judgement is rife, and no parent wants to be negatively impacted by another person’s opinions.
What is Tiger Parenting?
Tiger parenting is a parenting style that is categorised by a method of strict or challenging parents who push and pressure their children to be successful academically by achieving high levels of academic accomplishment. Tiger parenting includes high levels of negative parenting with considerable strict rules and structure demanded upon children. While some Tiger Parenting does include some positives – support, encouragement and motivation it can be tough on children as they aspire to be “as good as their parents”. 
How did Tiger Parenting come about?
Tiger Parenting first came to the world’s attention around the time of publication of Amy Chua's book in which the concept of tiger parenting was presented. Many wouldn’t have heard of this certain parenting style before then and it was met with many raised eyebrows in terms of how good a style it was for children and did it not take away their basic human rights? The book entitled ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’, chronicled her rigid rules for raising her daughters in her much-loved Tiger Parenting style. Chua described tiger parents, often seen in Chinese families, as superior to Western parents. Chinese parents adopt strength and authority while not shying away from calling their children names or being disrespectful. They assume their children owe them and expect their children to reimburse them by being obedient, respectful of their parents wishes and making them prouder than other parents. Such was the furore regarding the book Amy herself spent a few years dealing with the fallout including slurs against her character, threats against her life and some people called for her to be arrested. However, this seems excessive for a parent who considers their approach to parenting to be good for their kids and a way to bring them up to being educated and succesful. 
The Advantages and Disadvantages? 
There are some aspects that are positive for Tiger Parents as most of their kids will grow up to be productive, efficient and responsible. Kids that are parented this way will aspire to be brilliant and not want to face the ramifications of failure. Children may not answer back, and they usually avoid confrontation or conflict making parenting easier, in a sense. Tiger Parents teach their kids to obey and there is no other option. However, there are the downsides, the risk of depression from being constantly or frequently judged and controlled. Some children may suffer from anxiety or stress because of their parents’ regime. Children may withdraw from their parents as they grow older and this may damage their long-term relationship with one another. 
Tiger Parenting will continue along with lots of other parenting styles and with any style there are the advantages and disadvantages. Parents need to do what they feel is right and while this can be confusing, you should trust in your gut instinct.
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writter at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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