Weird Things I Saw At The Playground

The playground... full of wild children and parents who are counting down the minutes till bed-time.

Ah, the play ground. The outdoor Jungle Gym full of wild children and parents who are counting down the minutes till bed-time. The mid-week playground experience is a little different to the weekend one. It's quiet for starters. You might even get talking to another mother (or father). Heck, I've made friends this way! The weekend play-ground is an intense affair. The weekend playground when the sun is shining? Well that's just a different experience altogether. It's a Circus of emotions, personalities & bewildered parents.
Here are some utterly weird things I saw at the playground today. 
1. A Fashion Show.
Like, a literal fashion show in my opinion. There was a group of parents who were exceptionally well-dressed and it would appear that to be in their gang one had to meet the minimum requirement in the fashion stakes (I was wearing harem pants so I didn't even chance it). Their children were the most well-dressed children I've ever seen. Actual Christmas Day fancy clothes level of fashion going on here. They winced every time their child scuffed a shoe or misplaced a hair clip.
2. THAT wild kid who belongs to nobody
Seriously, is this sad or funny? Why is there always one child who is absolutely roaming the playground like a caged animal but has no parent/guardian in sight? I watched him trip up a kid, try to climb over the gate and attempt to steal a baby's beaker. We stayed for an hour and by the end of it I was still none the wiser as to who he belonged to. I'm sure they'll get a good night's sleep tonight anyway.
3. The Weird Food Stuff.
I get it, it's sunny but letting your child attempt a climbing frame with a blue ice-cream was never going to end well was it? She can only use one hand and the bloody thing is melting all over Zara Baby from the fashion crew.
4. The Seriously Competitive Parent
I'm all for a bit of healthy competition but these parents bug me something terrible. “Just ask her to move over pet (while actually directing this sentence to said child whom you want to MOVE out of the way so that your little Sonia O' Sullivan can continue her training circuit).
5. The actual range of seasons that people are dressed for.
On one end we've got children in swimsuits and sun cream and on the other we've got alehandro whose freezing and wearing a scarf. The mind boggles.
Written by Tracey Quinn, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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