Ways You Can Humiliate Your Child Without Realising

Every parent should be aware that sometimes they can humiliate their child without realising they are doing so.

Every parent should be aware that sometimes they can humiliate their child without realising they are doing so.
The effects of humiliation can be quite harmful to anyone, never mind impressionable children.
In fact, it can often be likened to emotional abuse if it gets out of hand furthermore, it can cause a toxic relationship between parent and child.
Here are some of the ways you can humiliate your child without realising and, it is vital that you take a step back and avoid falling into this parental trap...
  • Child shaming – Child shaming is rife now a days especially with the internet and indeed, social media. However, it isn’t the recommended way to deal with an unruly child. Consider the fact that you are punishing your child in the media and God knows where it may end up. It could quite possibly follow your child everywhere as they grow older. This isn’t fair to them or to you as a parent.
  • Public displays of discipline – Stop short of screaming at your irate child in front of shoppers even when your own kiddie is being difficult. The old saying two wrongs don’t make a right are important to remember here. Instead, be calm and avoid being drawn into an incredibly public display of discipline. It will not do you any favours and it may leave your child inconsolable. Instead, take your child calmly for the situation and once alone have a clear discussion with them on their behaviour. This will work better than any screaming or shouting in public.
  • Oversharing – When your kids get older they won’t appreciate you sharing every detail of their lives or perhaps, they won’t? But be careful of what you say once it is going on social media. It probably doesn’t matter as much in a private discussion with friends or family but still be mindful of your kiddies right to privacy too. No one likes it when they are talked about and children are no different.
  • Public berating – You may think nothing of telling your friend in front of your child that they have been a complete monster, but your kiddie is listening in and this is upsetting for them. Maybe they have been bold, but all kids are and leaving the berating in private away from your child then in front of them is the right technique here. They have feelings and those feelings are easily hurt though you may feel that they won’t pay attention, children do!  
  • TMI – You may be super proud of your kid and they too will be pleased that you care so much but boasting to everyone may leave your child feeling a little embarrassed. Most children when asked have admitted they hate it when their parents boast about them publicly and they especially feel uncomfortable when parents pass around their private information about them too. Maybe they do have a weird birthmark, or they are top of the class at maths, but children usually don’t want people to talk about them like that. Again, leave it until they are out of earshot!
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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