Ways you can help your forgetful child

Try out these little tips to help them remember

Any parent knows that children sometimes are incredibly forgetful, and it drives parents mad! No sooner are they home from school, but you realise that they have forgotten their homework books or their lunch box. While this is annoying it can be managed with a few little tips we have here and though it may not cure them altogether it may help!
Accept that these things don’t matter to kids- What matters to you doesn’t matter to your kids and while this doesn’t seem right, most kids don’t worry if they forgot their homework book or their lunch! These things are not in the utmost of their priorities which are play, see friends and chill! Kids will not have the same values that a person has, and they cannot be expected to. Caring about certain tasks and remembering comes with age so as much as you want your child to be less forgetful, it is to be expected. 
  • Remind them- Each morning give your child a run down on the morning activities, don’t overload them and the rule is if you want something done ask them one task at a time. Too many directions will confuse their brain. Remind them to bring their homework diary home and in time they will each day with practice and soon they will remember all their homework too! Little steps first. 
  • Get a family planner/diary- A family planner is ideal for busy families as once your child can read they can go and check it to see where everyone is and what they are doing. Include meetings, appointments and your child’s afterschool care plans. If a parent is away note that too and include your children in the plans on a Sunday afternoon to gear everyone up for the week ahead. 
  • Write down notes on a whiteboard- Pop a whiteboard up in the kitchen with a morning/evening checklist for your kids. Note things they should do like grab their lunch box, walk the dog or feed the pets etc. For younger kids, do little drawings as these are fun too and it ensures they get used to the system. 
  • Practice memory games- Kids are now so tuned into computers and games they sometimes don’t do normal games like we did as youngsters. Play memory games like matching cards up that are all over the table. 
  • Work with your child’s teacher- If you are worried discuss it with your teacher and this will allow them to remind your child or be aware that they can be overly forgetful. 
  • Don’t get overly mad- Reward your child when they behave well and bring home everything they need. Avoid shouting or getting mad when they don’t do it. Pick your battles, if your kid forgets to pick up their socks while this is lazy it isn’t that they are forgetting more that they are choosing not to do it. Just gently remind them and move on. 
  • Keep at it- Be positive and understand that all kids mess up and are forgetful. Don’t over-parent and give them everything they need for the day ahead prepare them to do it themselves as this will teach them how to remember and think for themselves. In the future, this will benefit you and them greatly! 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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