Truths about shopping trips with the family

The shopping trip with all the family can bring most people out in a rash and no wonder!

We have all been there right? The shopping trip with all the family can bring most people out in a rash and no wonder! It is terribly tiring and there is always some issue. Maybe you are unaware and think that having kids plus your partner in the car headed for the shops equals serenity, but it doesn’t! Here are some of the truths and if anyone doesn’t get this; are you even real?!
  • There will be arguments. There will be lots of petty rows before you even leave the estate in the car! Someone will be in a bad mood for no reason and someone else will be fed up with having to leave the house when they were comfy at home. Before you know it, everyone including you and your partner are arguing and suddenly this trip to the shops is going downhill fast!
  • The car will be too small and quite toxic. There is no way you can have an argument in the car and not feel isolated in it. It means you must listen to the screaming or crying in some cases with nowhere to hide so it gets more toxic as the trip goes along. 
  • One kids will run off in the shops. There is always a runaway no matter how much you plan to keep control that kid is destined for the Olympics. Star of the future judging by the fast pace the kid can out run you. It should be funny but the sweaty mess you end up in is nothing but unflattering and messy! 
  • One kid will have a tantrum. It will either be the kid who eventually got caught or the kid who got left behind and is sad because they didn’t have the same luck. 
  • You and your partner may have a few words too. Nothing brings out a few choice words than kids that are spoiling for a fight and soon you and your partner will be at it too! 
  • Nothing will get into the basket that is meant to. It is easier to let them have the sweets, the lolly pop, the pack of ice creams and the sugary cereal they swear they will eat but later won’t. It isn’t worth the argument and worse, one kids just pops everything they like into it and doesn’t understand the fundamentals of money. This is going to be costly. 
  • You may consider online shopping in the future. Why do this to yourself? Who are the winners? The kids probably but there is reason why online shopping is so popular. Or go yourself, save yourself this terrible trauma and go to the shops alone. Don’t take this risk at all!
  • Especially when everyone is fighting on the way home in the car. Though the kids have got a proper load of crappy food they still will find a way to argue on the way home. You will be sweating buckets and not feeling at all rested after this challenging shopping trip. 
Written by Emma Hayes staff writer at Family Friendly HQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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