Tips On Leaving Your Kids And Partner For The Weekend

Every parent deserves a little rest now and again as life with the kids is somewhat tiring.

Every parent deserves a little rest now and again as life with the kids is somewhat tiring,however, leaving them is quite another and you will always feel guilty about it, yet it is nice to get a break away for you and you only.
Doing so may leave you feeling a little anxious, but with some of our tips you can rest assured your family will manage themselves for the weekend.
  • Leave dinner ready if you can - This may seem silly but leaving your family dinner will mean they can have a good and healthy dinner without hitting the takeaway especially if your partner is working during the day. While, you may juggle the kids and dinner etc it is hard and helping with a little dinner will mean you can head off feeling a little more relaxed.
  • Plan for childcare - If your kids are going to need to be cared for while your partner works it is best to plan for that and ask family or friends to help while you are away. Most people won’t mind helping and you can rotate with some other tired out parent in the future! Make sure that whoever cares for the kids that they are happy to go there and won’t cause a scene which is exactly what you don’t need before you head off!
  • Pack your stuff early - Get in early and pack your stuff as last-minute things can crop up that may leave you frazzled. Once you are frazzled it is easy to forget mundane things you need so get organised early as no one can ever be too organised.
  • Ask the kids to cooperate - Sit the kids down if they are old enough and tell them to behave while you are away, for the older kids ask them to mind their younger siblings and to help around the house. One parent down isn’t easy on the other parent so having the kids in a good cooperative mood will go a long way to success on your weekend away.
  • Send the kids messages and call them - Don’t overdo it as too many calls or messages may upset you or your kids. Sure, check in and if your older kids have their own phones sending them a nightly message is a sweet way to send them to sleep. The younger ones will enjoy a quick good bye on the phone or facetime?!
  • Enjoy yourself - Don’t feel guilty for heading away and giving yourself some prioritising as it is needed. When you return home, you will feel utterly refreshed and ready to take on the loads of washing again and the kiddies misbehaviours!
  • Don’t be mad when you arrive home - Once you get home don’t be mad if the house is a mess or if the kids haven’t showered in days. Your family will truly be delighted to see you home and will not want you to berate them for their tardiness. Let it slide as tomorrow is another day. 
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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