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In most cases families get along well, care for each other and respect each other greatly though like any close relationship grievances can arise from time to time. Here I've have put together a few tips on having a happy family, it is all fairly basic but the tips are there to remind you and your family how to bond together even when you might be arguing! Like any normal family!
Build traditions from the early days.
From the moment the children are born you should build your own little traditions and values that your children will carry through to their adult years. Find a common love for something that you can all share and enjoy at home, whether it be a game, a weekly meal or a family sports tournament. These family customs will link you all together and while you may allow outsiders to partake in the activity it will always be known as your family time and that is time that can’t be bought or sold.
Enjoy each other.
Every family has their ups and downs, siblings will fight, parents will disagree but setting an example of love and care from an early age will really benefit your family life. Have family jokes and moments that are special and spend a weekly evening together where you put each other first and prioritise each other over friends or extended family members. Encourage siblings to be friends and avoid causing rivalry between them, instead praise them for their differences and inspire each child to fulfil their full potential whether it is an academic achievement or a sporting accolade.
Make time for your marriage.
Your marriage may be put on the long finger once you have a couple of kiddies around and little time for romantic gestures. However this is a big mistake, your partnership like your relationship with your kids is just as vital to a happy family and should be taken care of and put on the priority list. If you can avoid arguing with your partner in front of the kids and use the time that they are in bed to clear up any misunderstandings, and join together and be united in your parenting styles. Take time to get away from the kiddies, and remember each other as individuals and not just as parents. A happy marriage equals a happy family.
Communicate and swap stories.
Have meals regularly together and swap stories of each other’s days to stay connected and bonded. If one of the children is struggling or dealing with a problem include siblings in the conversation as they may have an idea or a way to help their sibling. Families that converse and work together are happier and that is key as the kids get older and more independent.
Don’t overload your life outside the home.
Family life is incredibly busy with activities, work and school but try to not overload yourselves leaving little time to actually spend time together. If there are matches to go to encourage siblings to go and cheer on their brother or sister to include them in their siblings day, and once again you are spending time together at an important occasion in your child’s life.
Enjoy each other and remember years fly by and the kids will leave the nest soon, and a good happy family means you will never lose touch with each other.
Written by Emma, Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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