Things we tell our kids not to do but they do it anyway!

Do you ever find that you are repeating yourself constantly with your kids?

As a parent you might find yourself telling off your youngster for doing something they shouldn’t quite often. Sometimes you just get tired having to constantly repeat yourself. There are many things we tell our kids not to do, but you will find they will do it anyway not just once but again and again here are a few examples. 
  • “Stop picking your nose”- It isn’t very nice seeing you with your tiny finger up your nose, in fact you nearly hit your brain I swear! And do not get me started on wiping your snot in your sleeve that is all kinds of wrong, tissues are available you know? Wonderful invention tissues. 
  • “Get down off the cupboard counters”- Time and time again I find you climbing up trying to dig out the crisps from the back of the cupboard. I only turned my back for a second and my little stunt man is catapulting himself onto the counter for the third time today, for the love of crisps! 
  • “Do not scratch your bum” – At home this is disgusting (but manageable) but in public when at friend’s parties you suddenly stop playing to innocently scratch your bum! Worst of all you go back to eating your biscuit and holding hands with your wee pals, yuck! 
  • “Stop bugging your sister/brother” – You are a little monster and when you are bored or fed up you go looking for trouble, so look no further than your siblings. It doesn’t matter if they are sitting quietly reading, in you roar and stick out your tongue starting world war three! 
  • “Can you look at me not the T.V when I am talking to you?” – I don’t care if it is your favourite show as when I am talking to you I expect your full attention you hear? 
  • “Wear your helmet”- Do I care if James from down the road doesn’t have to wear a helmet while on his bike? No, what James does is his own business, you on the other hand are not going out on your bike without a helmet ok?
  • “Close your mouth when eating”- Food is spraying all over the table and your disgusted siblings are wiping their faces in horror! Just close your mouth while chewing on your food, it isn’t hard we all do it because otherwise it gets messy. 
  • “Don’t interrupt” – If I am talking to someone you need to wait until I am finished before you pull at my leg wanting to drag me over to see a new doll that by the way is the same as the other one at home.
  • “Put down the tablet/laptop”- Hey there my beautiful teenager remember me? You see I am the one that gets mad when you don’t clean your room or study like you promised you would, move now or tablet is going for a walk (a long walk). 
  • “Don’t be cheeky”- If I ever spoke to my Mother the way you nippers talk back to me I would have got an earful and more. Yet I don’t think a day passes without any cheekiness, kids really are like little monkeys only with less hair. 
Nag today, nag tomorrow as kids will always do what they are told not to do unfortunately. 
Written by Emma,  Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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