Things that delight parents. They're not big things, but when the kids do them- WOW oh WOW!

Parents spend a lot of their time disciplining their kids so it is great when they do something out of nowhere that fills you with delight!

It really is the little things that make parents happy, just a few simple things your kiddies do from time to time can be utter bliss.
Parents spend a lot of their time disciplining their nippers and having to nag often so it is great when the youngsters do something out of nowhere that fills you with delight! Here are a few things but I am sure there are many more.
1. Going asleep at the right time- The relaxed feeling you get when the kids have gone to bed and fallen asleep without the usual hassles. Nights can be spent running from room to room putting the naughty mites back into bed and pleading that they behave and go asleep, but the odd occasion when they go without moaning is amazing and it makes for a lovely tranquil evening.
2. Compliments on your parenting from your parents after your kids have visited them- The youngsters have being visiting the Grandparents and you are nearly eating your nails in fear of what your parents may say about them. However they think the little ones are a joy and an absolute credit to you, which is a huge bonus as they will be invited back again soon-score!
3. Observe your kids helping others- Outside playing or at the park your kiddies help the younger ones on the swings and push the merry go a rounds. Other parents are smiling at you commenting how lovely and patient your kids are and you can’t help but swell in pride.
4. Watching your kids play together and not fight with their siblings- Most days they will be fighting over their toe nails but today they are all about the love. They have finally found a game they all like and agree on who plays where and it has given you a few hours of peace while they horse around and have fun together.
5. Finding them in utter silence reading or drawing- There is not a technology gadget in sight and the kids are happily drawing and colouring pictures creating masterpieces! The novels you bought them are out and they are enjoying reading rather than sitting in front of the T.V.
6. When they say “Thank you” without being told- The moment a lady in a shop gives them a complimentary lolly and rather than say nothing they thank her. The lady comments how nice it is to see mannerly children and you are hurrying now out the door before she sees them in all their rumbustious glory.
7. Running up to you for a big cuddle- It has being five maybe ten minutes since you left them to go into a shop but you would swear you left them for years. The little one is running straight for you with her arms open and you cannot put a price on the feeling of love and adoration.
8. The good school reports- This one's not so little and it isn’t all about their results but you take pride in knowing they are behaving well and working hard which in this case (thankfully) they are.
It is a fantastic feeling when our kids fill us with pride and love, it can help when there have being a few rougher days but sure kids will be kids.
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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