Things Mum’s will never say NO to!

How many of these can you cross off? Number two is a definite!

Wouldn’t it be great if us Mam’s could take a few days off to refuel and recharge those very tired batteries? Yes it would be amazing and because it seldom happens - here are a few things a Mother will never say no to, because Mammy’s realise that they may well only get a few offers from people to help and it must be taken advantage of when one gets the opportunity.
  • Free babysitting- You all know the moment of pure gratitude when your Mother offers to take the little ones for a night or two while you have some fun or sleep (whichever you need most)! It seems crazy to hand out money to a sitter when all you really want is a few hours kid free so this opportunity is one you must saviour.
  • A lie on in the morning- Your darling partner has asked will he will get up with the small ones in the am? Leaving you to rest and sleep in till you wake comfortably from slumber. Of course he probably has an ulterior motive but so what if he wants to go to a game later? Just enjoy those few hours of sleep while you can!
  • A freshly made meal been made for the whole family- A very kind relative has dropped over and with him he has brought a homemade casserole ready to bang into the oven. You are trying not to breakdown and cry tears of joy so not to scare this thoughtful person so you play it cool and say “Thanks I was just about to start prepping for our salmon en croutes but this will save me the bother now”!!
  • Friend’s visiting- Friends visiting and playing with the kids while chatting to you are vital to you saving you from not going crazy with very little adult conversation during the day.  Even better your friend rang and asked did you want a lattes and buns? A winner on all accounts!
  • A pamper session- You know the whole hog, nails, hair and makeup leaving you feeling like you are on top of the world and a little less dragged from the bed Mammy!
  • Homework help- While your parents are over they have innocently suggested helping the nippers with their homework and before they change their minds you have sat them all at the table ready to knuckle down. Crazily the old timers seem to enjoy the reading and spellings with the kids and are telling you how bright the kids are, they should have seen the kids yesterday arguing over pencils!
  • Pure and utter relaxation- If for one whole day you could just sit back and relax as in most cases parents are never on top of everything and often once dinner is over are thinking about the washing up, kids lunches for the next day and getting uniforms ready. If someone could just lift the load off and let you lie around and not have to think about anything and everything in between. Sadly I don’t think that is possible as Mammy’s are always under pressure, but we can dream right?!
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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