Things kids do that us adults wish we could get away with!

Would you trade places for just one day?

To be a kid again would be absolute heaven even just for one day so I could go to the park and play in the playground on the swings and slides without looking like a total idiot!
These youngsters have it fairly handy at times and in some ways can do what they want when they want. With this in mind here are things kids do often that I wish adults could get away with. 
  • Get a jockey back ride- Am I the only one who gets tired walking? I know kiddies have little legs but I am getting older and my body isn’t as fit as it once was. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just stop on the way to the shops and ask someone to carry you the rest of the way? 
  • Take a nap when tired- If kiddies are tired they can just stop everything and lay down and rest or take a little nap. Who doesn’t want to get a bit of shut eye throughout the day? However I don’t think my boss would take kindly to finding me drooling on my desk while he is waiting on the figures from last month. I can only dream about this! 
  • Spit out food they don’t like- I have to admit I still do this, however I try not to in public but I can simply not swallow something if I don’t like it! For kids though it is rendered “cute” if they spit out their dinner all over the table because they don’t like veg!
  • Take what they want when they want- Youngsters are little monkeys and if they see something they like in their mind it is now theirs. Sure it doesn’t matter if it costs a fortune and Mammy only has a tenner on her for a few bits of shopping. It is loaded up into their tight little grips and only a huge amount of dragging and pulling will set the item free! 
  • Sing all day long- If I sang all day I know people would call me a loo-la however tots can do it and it is considered endearing by others! I know I may not have the best voice but I love a wee sing song and am I really hurting anybody? 
  • Use the car shopping trolleys- Have you seen the little car trolleys that the large supermarkets have? How cool are they? My only complaint is that no matter how much I have tried I cannot fit into one, and am visibly jealous of the youngsters using them. If I had one I could fly around and get the groceries in record time, I must send email to retailers complaining about this. 
  • Fart and not get embarrassed- The little ones just blast out the smelliest farts and giggle away after, while we run for fresh air. It isn’t thought to be polite (in adulthood) to fart and giggle, in fact it is positively frowned upon!
  • Tell the truth- Kids can say anything to anyone and the person will just laugh it off and not take any offence. However last time I checked telling your Granddad “you are very chubby” is kind of rude and if you were an adult you would probably get an earful but for these cuties people just smile back! 
Let us know if you have any more to add and if you are feeling immensely brave try doing a few on the list above and see how it is received by others. 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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