Things kids born today will never experience

The important events have gone by but what about all the things we once loved and played with?

Imagine if your child was born today and consider all the things that kids born today will miss out on – the experiences that may not be available in the future. The important events have gone by and what about all the things we once loved and played with? These things will all be forgotten and there are some things kids of today will never experience, sadly. The future is turning to digital innovation and therefore, the world our children will live in will be quite different to the one we grew up in. We evolve at a rapid pace and surpass expectations all the time, so the years ahead will be interesting, to say the least.
Here are some of the things kids of today will never experience…
Do you remember the videos that had to rewOUND and the heartache if the guy or girl before you didn’t do it – what animals! How dare they? Anyway, now kids don’t have to worry as things can pause or go back within seconds and pivotably, at the tip of a button. It is as easy as pie for children of today and god knows how much easier it will be in the future. 
Washing dishes by hand
Dishwashers are taking over and by the time today's kids are teenagers and doing the washing up, there will probably be no one handwashing at all. If they are, they will be deemed old-fashioned and teens of the future will not want to be hand
washing. It begs the question what will happen to our Fairy soft hands?! 
No caller ID 
Answering the phone not knowing who is calling you is a thing of the past now. Caller Id leaves no opportunity for surprise phone calls and if anything, the future will probably eradicate the old-fashioned phone call. As Google looks to launch its “Google Assistant” which will perform phone calls and manage appointments, the usual phone call by humans may not exist in a few years when your kiddies start using phones. 
Phonebook searching
The joys of looking through the phone book to find numbers that would otherwise remain unknown is a memory most parents can relate to.  However, the internet allows everyone to have this information at their fingertips and certainly once the kids of today are older they will probably only need to THINK about a company number before it miraculously appears in their search engine. 
Playing games in the schoolyard
Lots of schools in some areas are banning games in the yard as parents may sue them if the kids hurt themselves. It is quite silly but kids of today may not get a chance to play in the yard and have fun with friends like we did. It will be interesting to see if technology replaces traditional games and becomes common-place in schoolyards. 
Simple times
Things were simpler years ago and there wasn’t as many complications as now. Kids of today will never experience simple things like a 10 pence bag of sweets or a trip to the park with no frills or expectations. Sure, life is wonderful, and it is easier in terms of technological advances, but convenience may not prove better. 
Studying via BOOKS!
Studying is not the same as it once was and as kid’s schools turn to tablets and devices to teach kids it is fair to say the future, schools will be digitally led. “Hitting the books” may not be a term associated with the future students and it may be “Tapping the tech” – you heard it here first!  
Written by Emma Hayes staff writer at Family Friendly HQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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