Things I don’t miss about being a kid.

People talk a lot about things they yearn for from their childhood, but I bet these aren't on the list?

Adults say that being a kid is the best thing ever... and it is true (in my opinion) “that youth is wasted on the young”!
Sure it is great being a kid and not having any real problems, no bills and certainly no mortgage. However fantastic that was would I want to go back? No and here are some of the things I don’t miss about being a kid, have you any more to add?
  • Primary School/Homework- I know for many, school days are the best years of your life but for many it could be a nightmare. Depending on the teacher you got lumbered with, you could have a great year or a horrible year. Stuck in a classroom every day with the same teacher was wretched and the days sometimes dragged by. Then you went home and had to do homework, when all you really wanted to do was go out and play!
  • Having to eat whatever was put on the table- There was never a choice, you had to eat what was put in front of you even though you wanted chips! I know you are supposed to be grateful for everything you eat but the daily dinner routine was to a tee and before you got home you knew you were having veg, mash and meat and “eat it all up you hear?”
  • Changing friends every five minutes- Just as you thought that you had found a new friend for life, they would suddenly run off and tell you “you are not my friend anymore”. Was no one else broken hearted? Sure I only knew her a day but what is wrong with a little loyalty and it wasn’t my fault I didn’t have slip on patent shoes!
  • Dreaded bullying- Though bullying is more common now and definitely more public it did occur years ago too. If you didn’t have a certain toy, or a certain pencil case it was fair game to be laughed at and boy did it hurt. It is definitely something a lot of kids do not miss about school.
  • Having to go to all the family occasions- Parents would literally turn up for the opening of an envelope and the kiddies had to be dragged along too. We would be scrubbed, washed, primped up and dressed in all our finery before we would be shown off to Auntie Betsy and cue the slobbery kisses- yuck!
  • Appointments all the time- If it wasn’t a doctor’s appointment for a vaccination or check up, you would be heading to the dentist for a little look! God forbid you needed glasses as this just added to the endless list of appointments, we just want to be kids don’t you know?
  • Having to wear 'horrible' clothes- There was no talking to your parents once they decided on the rig out you had to wear, even if it was identical to your siblings all the better they would say! However I say I am glad I can pick my own clothes now and I don’t have to wear my hair in pig tails.
  • Having to go to bed early- When you are small all you want to do is stay up late and watch T.V with everyone but Mammy and Daddy had other ideas. Off you trotted to bed with your head slumped down and try as you might you could never hear the T.V from upstairs especially with your brother's snoring!
So I am going to stay an adult as I can do what I like, when I like and that is just the way I like it!
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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