The Things About Grandparents That We Really Miss These Days

If your kids are lucky, they have grandparents in their lives. The bond between them is like no other on earth.

If you are as unlucky as most of the population right now, COVID has wedged a divide between that bond of grandparents that is so tangible it can be almost unbearable.

Our kids are now waving through glass windows and doors, giving virtual hugs via the iPad or just chatting over the phone. No more are the long hugs, the sneaky bars of chocolate into pockets or the knowing wink which says "Even though mam said no, I will totally hook you up with that Nerf Gun at Christmas".

Hopefully, most of our parents are in line for a vaccine over the coming months. It should give us all that little bit of hope that it might someday soon be okay to once again cross the threshold into granny and grandad’s house. And oh my god, are they in for the biggest hugs ever.

Until then, here’s what we are all missing about having grandparents around right now.

The Unconditional Love Connection

The obsession between grandparents and their grandchildren is as plain as the nose on your face. The biological bond is solid from the second they clasp eyes on each other and is nigh on impossible to break. They just love each other. The end!

The Sneaky Treats

No matter how many times I have explained about cavities, sugar rushes, and dicky tummies to my parents, I have always been duly ignored. Both kids regularly used to come home with pockets full of sweets. Having already had two desserts after lunch, that is. And now... I miss those sweets for them!

The Fun Adventures

While yet another trip to the playground might have seemed like a chore for parents, grandparents were only too delighted to spend endless hours at the swings and slides. In fact, they all used to have so much fun together that eventually the kids only wanted granny and grandad to take them. Bring back those days!

The Surprise Pick Ups

A school or creche day that ended with a surprise pick up from granny or grandad was always a great one. The little surprised faces, the running, the enormous hugs… And then the kids were always pretty excited too!

The Backup Childcare

A lot of us have gravitated back towards the areas our parents live in as we became parents. The extra pair of available hands as you just needed a shower; to pop to the shops; or just needed a good cry were absolutely priceless. Not only did we have that extra bit of support, but our parents felt needed while they got to spend time with their favourite little people.

The Hugs

Enough said. We’re already crying x. These are things about grandparents that we miss, what are yours?

Sharyn Hayden

Sharyn is the author of comedy smash, 'I Forgot to Take My Pill!' (Amazon) and mammy to two amazing kids, Jacob and Eva. She blogs at and is the creator of Skinny Batch Bakery in North Co. Dublin.

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