The top excuses all kids make!

Children are brilliant at coming up with excuses. Here's some of our top ones

Kids get to a certain age begin to lean how to bend the truth and fib their way to avoid getting in trouble. These kiddies are really a lot smarter than we give them credit for and unless you have your wits about you they could potentially run rings around you! Here are a few of the main excuses you will hear regularly and I am sure you can let us know some more.
“My alarm didn’t go off”- Your alarm has gone off six times now and I still have to come to get you up out of bed, and now you will be late again.
“It wasn’t my fault”- Of course you didn’t mean to smash my vase, break the shower curtain or leave a pack of tissues in your jeans pockets however can you please take more care? 
“I’m too busy”- We are all busy as a family but I need you to help feed the dog and clean you room, I realise that staring at your phone is a trying task however it is not vital so move it!
“I don’t know how”- Well learn and learn now because saying you are unable to start the washing machine is unacceptable, it is actually really easy. If you can download music and set up games for your console this my dear will be a piece of cake.
“The dog did it”- The dog ate your homework but yet he has very little teeth and is too lazy to even chew a bone, do you take me for an sucker? Re-do your homework and pray you get it done quickly.
“You didn’t tell me”- I didn’t tell you to pick up your shoes or I didn’t remind you to bring your jacket so therefore if I don’t  tell you to go to your matches or hang out with your friends you won’t do that either? Hmmm thought not!
“I’m tired/sick” – Awe bless you are exhausted after a long day in school and I should just back off and let you rest however you aren’t too tired to go out and play. Once again you are too ill to attend school today but tomorrow will be right as rain to go to dance classes. 
“I will do it later”- Later means never in a kids language so get it done now and I will not hassle you anymore, I really hate having to nag all the time. 
With all this in mind imagine if parents took this stance and consider the chaos that would ensue if everything was excused all the time. Best keep these kids in check and do you want to know why? 
“Because I said so!” X 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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