The things you will NEVER forget but... your kids won’t remember.

There are moments in your child’s life that you will remember fondly and hold them dearly close to your heart for ever and ever. 

There are moments in your child’s life that you will remember fondly and hold them dearly close to your heart for ever and ever.
Sadly though the little ones in question won’t and with that in mind here are a few things parents will never forget but things that kiddies won’t remember.
  • The firsts- The first tooth, smile, laugh, word and shoes are all mega moments in your child’s life though they don’t realise it. The first shiny tooth, that amazing smile, the infectious giggle, those first words and the new shiny shoes. It is sad they won’t remember your pride spilling from every part of you and the joy that they bring to you.
  • The night they were sick all night- Every parent has a terrible night when their little nipper is ill and cannot settle so you end up pulling an all-nighter and cuddling on the couch soothing them.
  • The night your child slept through for the first time- Oh the absolute terror when you arose to realise the time and your small one hasn’t woken you, cue a run to the bedroom to check on them and they are sleeping away soundly.
  • The birthday parties- Who doesn’t love a celebration and all parents go all out on their child first few birthday party's though the little star won’t actually recall the planning, the expense and the fuss about what they would wear so they would look cute in the photos!
  • First steps and almighty runs- The little ones won’t remember the days you willed them to walk, the hours spent holding their hand and the cries of laughter when they roamed on their tiny feet all by themselves for the first time. Then the smart youngsters learnt to run fast and out run Mammy and Daddy, thank god they won’t recall getting in loads of trouble!
  • Accidents and traumas- No parent enjoys watching their kid after they have hurt themselves however no one can protect their kiddies all the time. Luckily a lot of those experiences will be forgotten and though you will recall the howling screams after your tot hurt their leg and how you cared for them so gently it will be as if it never happened to your child apart from the physical scars or war wounds!
  • Christmas Morning- Every single Christmas is incredibly special and wouldn’t it be lovely if the kids once older remembered every one of those festive days and how you all had a spectacular day each year. You will recall the anticipation on Christmas Eve and the excitement once they saw their gifts on Christmas morning and who would want to forget that?
  • The first day in big school- Not many kids will have a full recollection of their early school days and you will have it embedded in your soul for life. Watching them leave your nest of care and comfort and head out into the world alone, there were tears and it wasn’t just the kiddies!
Pity they can’t recall every moment, though with videos and photos now-a-days, they can see the milestones in the later years and the kids will get so embarrassed! And we'll love it! Cute! 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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