The Most Important Things To Wish For In 2020

A new year means an opportunity to make changes, create dreams and hope for the future with some lovely wishes.

Christmas and the New Year give people a chance to look at what they have and what they want to do in the next year (or year’s ahead) and it is a great time to figure your life out.

While everyone has career aspirations or different hopes there are some things that are important to wish for in 2020 and here, we're running through the ones we think are most important:


Health is probably a thing we all take for granted and sadly, it is only when we are faced with health challenges that we really understand how important it was to us and our lives. It’s one of those things we all don’t appreciate (whether we realise it or not). However, in a world with many people getting sick we need to be grateful.

If we are wishing for anything this year, good health is the priority as you need it to chase dreams or go after that promotion. When you think about it, health is the driver for all these things so before you make your visionboard, look at health and make sure it is top of the list. 

The Most Important Things To Wish For In 2020
We may never think to put this on our wish list, but we all know how important happiness is to our lives.


Love doesn’t have to be all about partners, but it could be love for your kids, your friends or your parents. Love is key as there are many people in the world who are lonely and don’t get to feel love regularly (or at all) and this is deeply saddening. It’s such a simple emotion yet it makes us feel cared for and makes us smile so it is important to ensure that going into 2020 you are looking after your relationships with loved ones and feeling the love between you all.

Strong relationships help your mental health and love reminds us of our place in the world. If you have a bad day, a cuddle with a loved one is the best thing, and nothing can replace it as it is so special. Love should always be at top of the wish list for 2020 so, continue to feel loved and share it around too!


We may never think to put this on our wish list, but we all know how important happiness is to our lives. Happiness is created by spending time with loved ones, feeling healthy and enjoying your life by taking it by the horns and not letting it rule you.

We often ask friends or family, ‘how is work?’ or ‘how are the kids?’ but we forget simple things like, ‘are you happy?’ Just asking the question is important especially as people are struggling with mental health issues more than ever before.

The old, ‘how are ya?’ doesn’t mean much, as most people answer they are “grand” even when they are feeling utterly deflated. Asking about happiness starts a conversation that we should be having more of.

We need to put being happy at the start of the 2020 wish list and not expect happiness to come from promotions or other material things. Let’s work on being happy just for the basics in life and build from there. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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