The Irish Daddy: 10 Things They All Do

You know you're an Irish Daddy when...

Irish Dads are simply the best in the world..well maybe we are slightly biased. They are easily pleased and love their kids. If you have an Irish Daddy you might agree with some of these!
  • Watch the 6 o'clock AND the 9 o’clock news
  • Loves to spend lots of time browsing the middle aisle at Lidl purchasing random items like toasted sandwich makers, paper shredders and cycling shorts
  • Wear short sleeved shirts – even in winter, ‘cause they are bullet proof.
  • Love their meat and 2 veg carvery dinner in their local pub. Can’t beat it.
  • Love playing, watching or talking about sport. Whether it’s golf, GAA, rugby or cycling the Irish Dad lives and breathes his sport.
  • Use short and to the point texting 
  • Go for ‘40 winks’ during the day. Usually sitting on their favourite chair (which your mum would love to throw out but is not allowed to!). The Irish Dad can also regularly be seen have a nap at a wedding. 
  • Loves getting a deal. Whether it’s for a car, bike or for a grocery item in the local supermarket. Our Daddy’s love the feeling of getting a good bargain.
  • Tells a great story and if it’s a good one you will hear it a LOT!
  • Wears free stuff like t-shirts they got from work.
Are we missing any?


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