The Art Of Parenting And Laughing While Doing It

Parenting can be the hardest thing in the world but laughing through it can make the whole process so much easier.

Parenting can be the hardest thing in the world but laughing through it can make the whole process so much easier.
So, how do you do that when parenting can make you cry through utter frustration?
Here at Family Friendly HQ we have experienced it all and have managed to laugh along with it too.
Here are some of the situation that are hard in parenting that you can find a laugh in if you look hard enough!
  • Nappy changing - We know that the nappy changes are challenging. Sure, the poop can be runny bordering on watery and this can make even the strongest of stomachs literally dry retch, but it can be funny! Especially when someone gets stuck with the baby and the poo all the way up their back! The joys of phones now are that you can capture each of these moments and keep it for when your baby is 18! That will surely gather a laugh then!
  • Vomiting kiddies - You know your child will always vomit all over you when you are going somewhere or when you are out in public but rather than getting anxious over it remember to you a muslin cloth and of course, it is good if you laugh at the mishaps! Bringing a change of clothes helps too. If your child has a vomiting bug it can be hard but batten down the hatches and grab chocolate for energy, coffee for obvious reasons and leave the TV on all day while you and your child stay on the sofa. The cuddles alone will raise a smile.
  • Sleepless nights - How does one laugh while they don’t get enough if any sleep? Well, you will find you may get natural giddy after being awake for so long however, after a few days it wears off! The last laugh will be when your baby becomes a teenager and they hate getting out of bed. Payback is a b*&ch!! Though you will be the only one smiling!
  • Dressing woes - Dressing a baby isn’t the most fun of parental duties but once your kids are older you will remember how much easier it was when YOU dressed them! Once they learn how to dress themselves they will wear god knows what and you may find yourself crying with laughter when your kiddie arrives downstairs in an inside out top and a pair of trousers that fit 8 months ago!
  • Toddler madness - Toddlers are crazy. But boy do they make you laugh! Between their words of wisdom and their honest approach they can make every day a fun one! There will be no shortage of smiling and laughing with these little ones around. Not only will they tell you when you look crap update you on their bowel movements regularly, but they will also repeat anything you say. So, when you mention that your mother in laws dinner is not edible don’t be surprised when it finds it way to her ears. Ah sure you can laugh it off!
It is laugh city!
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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