Talking about the birds and the bees to your little ones

It doesn't have to be an awkward conversation

It isn’t always easy discussing all things baby related to a youngster as they have so many questions and not all of them are easy to answer.
However, a lot of children will ask questions and as their parent you will have to give them the answers they need especially if you are expecting another child and you haven’t told your nipper yet. Here are a few tips on talking to your youngster about making babies…
  • Take it slowly- Youngsters are young so they will struggle to understand things that have otherwise never entered their brain. Broach the subject of making babies carefully or if your child asks you questions at a difficult time promise your kid that you will discuss it later when you can give them your full attention. 
  • Use the proper words- A tummy is where food goes so telling your child that a baby grows in their tummy is rather confusing to say the least. Instead use the proper terms such as womb or uterus, sure they may not remember or they may be a little confused but at least they have the proper information. 
  • Buy a book or show them diagrams- There are some great books in the shops that show how babies are made in an easy way. Alternatively, you could print off some diagrams especially for kids and not the ones with every bit of detail as this will only confuse you and your child!
  • Follow your child’s lead- Let your child lead you in how much detail you give them analysing how much they can handle in their little heads. Some children get it and others will be totally confused! Each child is different so give them the time they need and don’t over-complicate it either. 
  • Be casual about it- Yes, it is a difficult subject and it can be tedious but kids do need to know these things. Explain why people have kiddies and how a man and woman use their egg and his seed to make a baby. 
  • Don’t get embarrassed- Think about it rationally…Your child has no clue as to why you would be embarrassed over this and they have no idea yet of the details of baby making nor should they. There is no need to mention sex or get too informative when your kiddie is young. 
  • Be happy to re-visit the subject- Many children will be happy with the information you give them and go on in life barely mentioning it again but for others they may plague your day after day! If you are expecting a child soon your kiddie will ask many more questions wondering how the baby gets out or how you will know. Explaining as well as you can that your baby will knock when he is ready rather than saying your baby will start squeezing into your uterus and pop out followed by a puddle of blood is not advised! Kids take things literally after all.
Good luck!
Written by Emma Hayes. Writer at Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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