Surviving the family wedding.

We've got 6 great tips to make sure you all have a super day!

The family wedding you have being looking forward to is here and now you are fretting over outfit choices, hair do’s and whether the kiddies will behave?
While these occasions are great fun they can also be stressful in the run up to the big day, and if your kids are involved in the ceremony it will only add to your anxiety. However we have a few tips that will ensure that the day ruins smoothly for all the family.
  • Plan ahead- Be organised in the weeks and months before the big day and discuss what other family members are wearing (even the small kids). The last thing anyone wants to do is arrive in an identical colour or style of dress, or a colour worn by the bridesmaids. Ensure you have your little mite’s clothes all chosen and that they are happy with their outfit to avoid any grumbles the morning of the wedding.
  • Book a hotel early- Once you get your invite and you inevitably have to stay over be sure to book before all the rooms are taken. If you need a family room there can be only so many in a hotel so best not take any chances or you will have to bus it home after the wedding!
  • Tell your kids of the plan for the day- Children do not like sitting for long periods of time and you need to explain to them what will be happening on the day of the wedding. If you have young kiddies take turns if you have to leave the ceremony and sit at the back so you can move freely undisturbed. During the speeches (which can run on for quite some time) give your nippers some crayons and paper to keep the occupied as they will have to stay seated at least until the dancing starts.
  • Say Hello and be polite- Weddings are tiring in the sense that you feel obligated to go around and pass pleasantries with all the extended family members (even the ones you don’t like)! By all means be polite, but move on quickly to the next round of family members till you have done the meeting and greeting duties. Involve the kids and teach them to greet people warmly and be mannerly, in a few hours you will be all on the dance floor don’t worry.  
  • Change your daily routine- If your child takes a nap at a certain time try alter it during the day to suit yourselves better for instance during the speeches or during the dinner. If you can arrange a babysitter to take the kids in the evening and bring them to a separate hotel room so you and your partner can enjoy the night without fretting about where the kids are!
  • Don’t drink too much too early and have a great night- Try to remember the day as a great one full of fantastic memories, and take lots of photos for the album at home. Certainly pace yourself on the vino as you do not want to be 'that person' and everyone gossiping about you still at the next family wedding.
Overall it will be an amazing day around the people you love most and who doesn’t love a good wedding?
Enjoy x
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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