Signs that you are raising an entitled child.

It is more common these days and many parents are admitting that their little darlings are becoming entitled and a bit spoilt.

It is more common these days and many parents are admitting that their little darlings are becoming entitled and a bit spoilt. It is usually caused by parents who unbeknownst to themselves over-parent and are so fixated on their child’s happiness that they forget to let them just be themselves. If your child is entitled it isn’t necessarily a nice trait to have so parents should do some damage control and try switch the situation by being firm, refusing to take orders from your child and bringing your nipper down to earth again. Here are some signs that your child is becoming more entitled and a few tips on getting back to normal.
  • Expects everything for themselves- If your kiddie is quite happy to take things for themselves but not so much in giving than they are probably feeling entitled. They basically expect everything that you give them and therefore have no thought of anyone else but you can stop this by showing your child how to be charitable and generous.  
  • Doesn't help- If your child does little to help around the house it is a sign that they are entitled and feel they shouldn’t have to do anything. Family life is busy and your child should know how important it is to help others in the family. You should encourage your nipper to become more independent and help around the house with chores or with their siblings.
  • Can’t fathom rules- A kid that cannot take any heed of rules means they are not following a structure that you have set up for them. Entitled children feel they are beyond following rules and shouldn’t have to follow them. Usually if you do come down hard on your child after doing something wrong your youngster will take it as an attack on them. They will refuse to see that their behaviour led them into trouble and that is isn’t about putting them down. Kids need rules and routine otherwise they will take advantage of you, entitled or not, kids need structure.
  • Is self-centred- It is horrible to admit but kids can be self-centred and forget others around them. Your child may lack empathy or show any regard for people’s feelings at all. Your child may expect everything they want even if it means you must work longer hours or push aside bills. Children should never feel that the toys or games they want are more important than the basics of bills etc. These things are not vital, kids need clothes, shoes and school bits but not always toys or technology devices. Your child is naturally the most important person in the world, to you, but that doesn’t mean they can manipulate you into buying them what they want, when they want to keep them happy. Show your love in other ways by sharing quality time together and doing things that are free rather than always spending money.
Entitled children will struggle in the future as your kid will never be the centre of a teacher or professor’s universe. Your child will have to learn to be independent and work for everything they want in life. However, entitlement will not get them there and nor should you let it. I hope this helps if you have concerns x

Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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