Signs that you are an overloaded parent.

Be aware of these symptoms and spot them early

Everyone gets overloaded from time to time whether you are a stay at home parent or a working parent, no situation is easy and there is always lots to do. 
It is no easy feat and here are a few signs that you might be a little overloaded and might need to pull up a pew and take a rest.
  • You look a mess- You may be going out to work or staying home but you feel like a wreck, your hair needs a good trim, your makeup needs a revamp and your nails are bitten to the quake. There just isn’t enough time in the mornings to do yourself up or take a minute to do your hair properly as the kids are running around and need all your attention.
  • Your diary is bulging with appointments and things to do- It is Sunday and you are dreading the week ahead, you know what you are doing and when you are doing it and have no time in between. You are shattered even before Monday arrives and feel little motivation for it all.
  • Hobbies are long gone- There was a time when you enjoyed a book club or a game of badminton but now the kids take up all your time or work does. You were pushed further and further down the list of priorities and now your hobbies are long forgotten.
  • You are helping out a team but are compromising on family time- Of course you want to help your child and their team needed volunteers but at what cost? If you can’t find the time to have quiet family moments why are you doing it? By all means do it for a certain amount of time but push it aside if it takes you away from your family time.
  • You are utterly exhausted- You are past the point of being tired and have hit straight into exhaustion now, and boy do you feel it. You are going to bed listing the things that have to be done, and are not getting the required sleep you need to recharge.
  • You feel stressed and irritable with little time for fun- You have found yourself feeling like the world is crashing down around you and you have only so many hands to deal with it all. Worse still is that you haven’t had fun in ages, you haven’t gone out with friends (as you are too busy) and you and your partner are virtual strangers living in the same house.
  • Your partner has told you to slow down- If your partner is telling you that you have taken on too much and need to stall and rest up you need to take the advice now before you burn out.
Overloading yourself is not the answer so take charge and disarm yourself with the endless lists and think about yourself for once.
Written by Emma, staff writer with and Irish mummy blogger. Check out her own blog at

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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