Signs that you are a highly productive parent!

All parents are different and while some will be chilled out and laid-back others will be highly strung and in turn can be highly productive. 

All parents are different and while some will be chilled out and laid-back others will be highly strung and in turn can be highly productive. It isn’t necessarily a good thing as these parents may not get enough rest, they may put everyone else first over themselves and they may never get time for themselves away from the kids. There are a few signs that you are a highly productive parent. Recognise any of these in yourself?
  • The house is immaculate- Though you have the kids your house always manages to be squeaky clean and there isn’t even a big secret, you just don’t sit down-ever! If you are the type that scrubs the house every single day you are more than likely highly productive.
  • Dinners are always freshly made- When you are some highly productive parent dinners will be freshly made and homemade from scratch. There is no excuse for frozen meals in your opinion and you are committed to giving the family healthy meals.
  • The kids are clean and dressed perfectly- It may not be easy but you go out of your way to ensure the kids are dressed nicely and that they are clean. This means having baby wipes on tap and changing the kids twice before you get out the door but who cares? You are highly productive!
  • You are the “go to” for all parental advice- As a highly productive parent you are the epitome of the perfect parent, you seem to have it all so it is natural that people will ask your advice. However, training a non-productive parent to be like you is about as hard as you changing your ways. Impossible as we are who we are after all.
  • You are never late- A sure fire sign that you are highly productive is if you are never late as every single hour is planned and organised. Therefore, it makes it impossible for you to be late and if you were to be it would cause you a huge amount of stress before you would break out into a rash.
  • The school baking days are a blessing not a curse! – The school events most parents curse is to you a blessing! Sure, why wouldn’t you like to do a bit of baking or run the school PTA meeting? Nothing is too much trouble for you!
  • Your family gets grumpy with you at times- Your family find your ways hard sometimes as the kids can’t make a mess as you may be tidying around after them. You probably get moody yourself in a mess or disruptive behaviour so of course, you all will have words but in hindsight it is handy having everything done for them.
  • You do too much and are exhausted- If you are tired every single day it is probably because you put too much on your shoulders and need to learn to share the load. The kids should be able to tidy their rooms and help with chores, your partner is more than able to do dinner while you take a break. While you may want to do it all, an untidy house will not cause damage to anyone.
Take a break you deserve it!
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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