Seven things that annoy most parents

Pre kids a lot of these wouldn't have got to us but post kids argh

Once you become a parent you may find that you have a lot less tolerance to a lot more things. It is true kids change us and with this in mind here are a few things that annoy parents but they probably didn’t bother them pre kids! 
  • Noises outside- I have just put my little one down after five attempts and now the neighbours decide to cut the grass, are you kidding me? Sure it might be only 7pm but now my nipper is up in my arms again wailing and it will be at least another hour till I settle her down again grrr
  • Having to lie (a lot) - I find myself constantly fibbing to my kids and it doesn’t fill me with joy! “Mammy can we go to the park?” “Ah no, it is closed” In my defence it is usually because they ask at the most difficult times when I am making dinner while cleaning the house after a long day at work. 
  • Kids T.V shows- I remember all my girlfriends moaning about kids T.V and I thought how could it be so bad? What is the harm in watching a little cartoon. However I get it now and kids will just re watch shows over and over so that song will be playing along in your head unable to erase itself from your memory!
  • No sick days allowed- When I was pre kids a sick day meant lying in bed and not having to get up till I had to go the loo and quickly scuttling into bed again. However now there are no sick days, if I am off from work I am still on Mammy duty and the little ones can’t feed themselves or do the housework. Though if you are extremely lucky you can get the kids together to have a “pyjama party” were you don’t move all day from the bedrooms and eat cereal-who doesn’t love cereal.
  • Filling out numerous forms- It starts with the registering your child and filling out forms for birth certificates and then passports, nursery forms, doctor forms, school enrolments, school book forms, homework forms the list is endlesss
  • Long queues everywhere- The bank, the post office and the shops are all full with people and the queues are mental. Before I had a clatter of kids with me this wouldn’t have bothered me as I had plenty of time, however now I am in a rush struggling to contain my kiddie’s energy by bribing them to sit/stand still with jellies! 
  • Bragging parents- You know the type that go on and on about their kids and how they are the next big thing, and your kids are just never going to be good enough. 
Or maybe parents are just grumpy, getting older and showing our age!
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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