How Often Should You Be Planning Date Nights?

Planning date nights can become difficult when you're a parent. Here's why you should make an effort to schedule in some quality time together.

Becoming a parent is a big adjustment - it changes your life completely. Sometimes you can find relationship dynamics change. Often in the midst of the madness, the first relationship you can let slip on the priorities list is the one with your partner. Regularly planning date nights can help to stop this from happening.

This is why, as strange as it may seem, scheduling in some quality time with one another is vital. 

Here’s why:

Staying connected.

As a parent, you carry the stress and responsibility of the family. Add lack of sleep and you can really start to feel less connected to the world. And less connected to your partner. In the midst of being parents, you can lose the sense of who you are as a couple or even as lovers. Planning date nights is not only something to look forward to, but it is also an opportunity to really connect again with your partner. 

How Often Should You Be Planning Date Nights?
Whether it is once a month or once a week the most important thing is that you are planning time together.

It sets a good example.

Not only is it important for your relationship, but going on regular date nights also shows your little ones what a healthy relationship looks like. It shows them that it is okay and normal to have time away from them but also shows them that you should prioritise your relationship regularly. 

How often should you plan dates?

How often is really specific to each couple. There is a big difference in what you can physically do depending on your children and also your own family dynamics. Take into account a babysitter and also money. Whether it is once a month or once a week, the most important thing is that you are planning one. The rest will fall into place. 

Some studies show that date night once a month is the magic number for most parents. It has been argued that weekly date nights cause too much stress on both the parents and a babysitter and not enough time at home to get stuff done, while no date nights at all had a significantly negative impact on a couple's relationship. Whatever works for you is what is best but always remember you were a couple before you became parents and it is important to cherish that when you can. 


Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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