What Is Honeymoon Cystitis And How Do I Prevent It?

Honeymoon Cystitis is a condition which affects mainly women who are sexually active. It causes 60% of recurrent UTI's.

I have been on this earth for almost 32 years and never heard of ‘Honeymoon Cystitis’ until I got it. And I wasn’t even on my honeymoon!

What is Honeymoon Cystitis?

Honeymoon cystitis is a very real medical condition that does not just affect women on their honeymoons. It can affect any woman who is sexually active. It can also happen at any stage of a relationship and any age. It occurs when vaginal intercourse leads to a urinary tract infection (UTI).

How does Honeymoon Cystitis happen?

Honeymoon Cystitis is usually caused by the physically thrusting of a man’s penis into a woman’s vagina. The penile thrusting can irritate the back wall of the bladder. This massages bacteria into the bladder which in turn can multiply causing an infection.

Who is most at risk?

Studies show it is most common in women who have not had children. There is also some research to support using condoms making it more likely to occur. Honeymoon Cystitis accounts for 4% of UTIs and a massive 60% of recurrent UTIs.

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How can I prevent Honeymoon Cystitis?

There are a number of things you could try as a method of prevention.
Start by having gentler sex.
Try different positions that aren’t too hard to try not irritate the bladder wall.
Use lubricant. Keeping the vagina moist can aid in less irritation of the bladder.
Drink lots of fluids. Approx 3L a day. The less time the urine spends in the bladder the less likely infection is to spread.

If the UTIs are recurrent?

If you find your UTIs recurrent, it is important to see your GP who may refer you to a gynecologist or a urologist. You may have a prolapsed bladder or a blockage in your bladder, causing the infection to remain. Your GP may also decide to give you a prescription for a long term evening antibiotic. Studies show an antibiotic straight after intercourse can be helpful for some too.

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