Reasons why I'm glad my kids are older.

Whilst we love that baby & toddler stage, when we are finished we are so ready to say goodbye to it.

While I do not want to sound like I wished away my children’s younger years and that I didn’t enjoy every single minute , because I did enjoy most of it. I have to say I am rather relieved to be past the baby, toddler and preschool ages, and now I am a Mum to a tween and a teenager. Of course these phases have their drawbacks and hurdles- teen strops anyone? However there are lots of reasons why I’m glad (especially now all my friends are having babies) that my two lovelies are getting older and here is why…
  • There are no dirty nappies- This for me is a huge advantage as someone that struggled with poop filled nappies. I am so glad my kids can now wipe their own bums and go to the toilet unattended without falling into the loo!
  • We can leave the house swiftly- There is no need for pre planning and we can get up and go quickly if needs be. The kids can dress themselves now (though sometimes inappropriately but that is another article altogether) and I only need to worry about myself. 
  • There is no more baby T.V or annoying (yet addictive) songs- Now the kids are content to watch documentaries or any show that has animals in it and that is perfectly fine with me. 
  • We can have proper conversations- There is no more baby talk and as a family we can have a natter about world news, climate change and the latest meteor shower. Our young people are actually really smart and sometimes I think they know more than me, but I won’t be telling them that. 
  • No more baby-proofing- There was a time when everything was in lockdown the fridge, stairs, cupboards and the fireplace. If anything, this confused my father more than the kids trying to get a drink from the fridge. Now though I have pretty ornaments, photo frames and candles on the shelves and I have a coffee table, not a climbing frame for the tots.
  • There are no more public tantrums or meltdowns- My kids wouldn’t be seen dead screaming in public or throwing themselves on the floor in a fit of rage. Yeah sure they have their moments but they leave it for indoors.
  • I can go to the toilet/shower unattended- Even when my Husband is at work, I can say guys I’m hitting the shower. They can read or watch T.V amicably (most of the time) and there is no little person banging the door down battling to get in which is absolute bliss. 
  • I don’t have to beg people to mind the kids anymore- Years ago you would be doing well to find someone to take on two nippers for a few hours and now no one minds at all. 
  • The kids sleep on in the mornings- The days of waking up to toddler jumping all over you gone in our house. Now the kids get up themselves, make breakfast (albeit messily) and watch T.V till we get up which is so relaxing. 
  • I am really enjoying this stage of their lives, do I miss their little old selves? Of course, but they grow so quickly and we evolve with them. I love the present and I adored the years past, but we have fantastic memories and here is to the future ones. 
Written byStaff writer for and  Irish mummy blogger Emma. 
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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