Reasons why I say “no” to my kids

There are some things I will not say yes to and I don’t feel any shame in that 

There are some things I will not say yes to and I don’t feel any shame in that or at least most of the time; I don’t. There are some things I must refuse to do or refuse to give to my kids for many reasons and here are some the reasons why: 
  • They want to go out and about- You know when your kids get older they usually want to go out and meet friends or flex their independence muscles. This is ok in some cases, but I refuse to let it become a habit or be pushed into letting them do as they like. I think it is still vital that they have boundaries and know they can’t do as they like when they like. It also doesn’t make me popular with them at times! 
  • Parties and gatherings - Teenagers love nothing more than a few parties or gatherings with friends but I am one of those parents who wants to know who is going, what time it is starting and finishing at, before I go on to requesting phone numbers for the parents of the kids going. This is usually met with some eye rolls and moaning but they are my kids and I need to know they are safe. If I don’t feel comfortable with it, I will be saying no and that will be the end of it. 
  • Shopping - The kids could go shopping every single day if they were let and this fills me with dread. It would cost a fortune and how would anyone get anything done. So, every weekend the kids are eager to get out and spend money and I can’t help but say no. It isn’t feasible to allow them to shop all the time and certainly isn’t good for my finances either! While shopping when they need something must be done it isn’t possible to go all the time no matter how much they hope to do so! 
  • Want to eat unhealthy food - Kids will be kids and if I let them, they would live on pizza, chips or sausages. It isn’t that they won’t eat other foods more than they prefer to eat rubbish or frozen food than the food I freshly prepared and slaved over to get onto the plate. That isn’t to say I won’t let them have a treat, but I want them to eat well most of the time to allow for the naughty days. 
  • They want help with everything - There are times when I refuse to help my kids because they should learn how to handle things themselves. My youngest would happily have me do everything for her instead of having to do it herself so I must draw a line somewhere. She can get that drink herself though she is complaining of being tired and she can make her bed though she says her legs are sore after playing outside! Any excuse they have, but I tell them to get up and do it. 
I am not raising kids to get what they want no matter how much they roll their eyes at me for it! I am saying no!
Written by Emma Hayes staff writer at Family Friendly HQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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