Reasons to read to your OLDER child.

There are so many reasons why you should read to your older child

If you read to your child when they were little you would be forgiven for stopping once they have started school and learnt to read themselves however, there are many reasons why you should read to your older child. Sure, they may be able to read to themselves but there is nothing quite like mum or day reading to you while making funny noises or faces is there? There are many reasons why you should read to your older child and we have listed them here as a subtle reminder. Reading is vital for children and it helps them learn about worlds they may never see or about characters who may be flawed or perfect.
  • Keeps them away from technology devices- Reading to your kid will get them away from the TV or devices. Most kids are said to watch TV in bed but really reading a book to them would be so much more beneficial. It cuts out electricity too and screens are not a good way for kids to fall asleep to anyway.
  • Connects you and promotes a bonding time- Bedtime reading can be your time to connect with your child. It may be the only time in the day that you can give them your full attention and your child will enjoy every single minute of story time. They will also love sitting with you and revel in your full attention.
  • Reading improves their reading success- Reading to your child will encourage them to read more themselves when you are busy during the day. They may take over the book you are reading and fly on ahead, but this is good and should be encouraged.
  • Relaxing before bedtime- Children need some quiet time before bed and reading is incredibly relaxing. Your child may fall into a slumber and leave you reading!
  • Shows children the art of books- If you are reading to your child you may choose many different genres, and this will help your child decide what they like to read. There are many books to be read but most kids have a certain genre they prefer, figuring this out together will be fun!
  • Gets the words going- If kids struggle to find the right words in their vocabulary reading to them will strengthen their language skills greatly. Reading brings them to many places and therefore, many words will escape the pages leaving your kiddie well-spoken as a result. 
  • Lessons hidden amongst the pages- Books usually have some sort of moral in them and with many characters for your child to identify with it enables them to learn from a book. This is brilliant!
  • Enjoyment- It will be fun reading to your kid and not only for you but for your kiddie too! It will bring you together into a world that no one else can break into. There are hours of joy in books and while movies and games are great, they never quite pull you in like a great book does.
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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