Parenting Struggles – The Ones No Parent Wants To Admit!

All parents have struggles but most would not like to admit them – ever! 

All parents have struggles but most would not like to admit them – ever! It isn’t because they don’t want to, in fact, they would love to, but they worry about the reception they’d receive if they were totally honest with people. It isn’t easy admitting your worst fears and parenting brings a lot of fear and anxiety on you. Here are some parenting struggles most parents would not like to admit:
We know how much you love your kids but when Saturday night hits and you are scrolling Facebook to see pals out having a great time while you clean vomit off your clothes, it is a little hard to take! Sure, you will love your life with your children and you may love parenting, but it is perfectly ok to miss your old life too. You may not want it back, but you may wish for times of worry-free fun, now if you leave the kids for a few hours you will worry about them – it isn’t the same. 
Sleepless nights misery
Every parent may roll their eyes when asked about the holy grail of parenting – sleep but truly it is usually worse than they will admit. Most parents will feel guilty that their nipper is not a natural sleeper and worse still, they seem to love nothing more than screaming at you during the night. 
Escaping and dreaming
We have all been there. We have all dreamt of running away even for a few hours to escape the madness, it is normal to think like that. When kids are demanding stuff and you are exhausted it is natural that you’d wish for some alone time and perhaps, a little getaway. 
Anger and worry
One of the biggest parenting struggles is worry and you may not like to admit it, but parents worry more about their children than anything or anyone else in life. If they are babies you may fear them getting ill, or when they begin school, bullying may be an issue you worry about. It never stops and once they hit the teenage years they have exams, technology and peer pressures to name a few things that will cause parents anxiety. Then there is the anger… When your kid gets hurt, when family let your kid down or when you shout at your kid. 
Self-doubt and self-confidence issues
Parenting opens a whole lot of old wounds it will make you the happiest person in the world but cause you to think irrationally. Are you a good enough parent? Why is she a better mum? Does that dad look happier than you? You will constantly doubt yourself and question your reasons for raising your kids as you do but here is the secret information – we all do this. No one thinks they are the best parent, but you should believe in yourself more and if you are constantly questioning yourself it means you are a better parent than you think you are. 
Training Woes
We’d like to think parenting is easy enough but the amount of training you need to put in to get your kids to behave properly. Potty training, table manners, social skills and personal care are all on the list. Yes, they seem simple enough, but these lessons take time and it isn’t always easy. 
What is your biggest parenting struggle? 
Written by Emma Hayes staff writer at Family Friendly HQ.

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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