Parenting Is Surviving Many Things!

Here is the thing (in case you didn’t know) parenting is all about survival!

Here is the thing (in case you didn’t know) parenting is all about survival! It is bloody hard work and you may think you have it all sussed but let me tell you a tiny secret; No one has it sussed!
We are all equally dragging our sorry bums through it one day at a time!
So, we wanted to remind you that you are the Rocky of parenting; the hero of the hour if you wish!
Surviving parenting means getting over a few (who am I trying to convince- myself?) things and here they are in all their glory…
  • Sleepless nights - Yes, this is probably the hardest thing for a new parent, but the good news is…You can survive with as little as two hours of sleep per night or less even?! I can tell you this honestly as my kid didn’t sleep and sure, I lost some weight and forgot my own name at times, but I am still here to tell you this tale, so I think I have proved my point; right?!
  • Screaming baby - Of course, a screaming baby is probably cute for all of five minutes before you begin to question EVERYTHING! Why is my baby crying?! He must hate me or am I a s*&T mum? The truth is your baby is being a little monster, but it will pass, I promise.
  • Teething woes - Who knew teeth could cause such an issue, but they do, by golly they do! It is bad enough when they are growing their teeth but then they learn how to bite too; little devils!
  • Toddler tantrums - Not going to lie here… A toddler tantrum in public is quite easily the most embarrassing thing ever to happen but being the super parent that you are, you totally show your tot who is boss! *Let us not mention that you gave them that bar of chocolate…
  • School run - They call it the “school run” for a flipping reason! It isn’t a school walk because it takes a huge amount of running around after the kids. Have you ever tried to get tights on a reluctant kid? You will find out the joy soon enough!
  • Tweens - The lovely age between 9-12 years old is a JOY! Or not?! It is full of moaning, tantrums and independence. It is the time when your kid figures out they are smart, and this isn’t necessarily a good thing as it pits your brains against one another.
  • Teenage angst - Surviving the teenage years requires patience and a certain amount of ‘cest la vie’ attitude! Your teen will no longer aspire to be like you and they will probably hate you a little for a time, but it isn’t all bad. Teens love to sleep, and they eat well too.
  • Being alone - The kids grow up and suddenly you are faced with surviving an empty house that was once noisy and busy. This is probably the thing most parents will find the hardest and the time when they wish they could go back even to the screaming baby years!
We are never happy are we?!
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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