New year resolutions for ALL the family.

These are some great resolutions you can make this week as a family (together)

January brings a time to begin a new regime if you like and while most parents will always take part in New Year resolutions, kids usually don’t but they I think they should!
Doing it as a family is vital to getting everyone in the same mood and it will be easier to keep them if everyone joins in. Here are a few things you can do and a few resolution ideas to help you along the way.
  • Get along better- Everyone in the family should try and get along better as it will benefit you all! Less arguments will improve an atmosphere in the home and if everyone gets along better, you shall be happier as a family. This is win, win for everyone!
  • No fighting- The truth is everyone has their moments but if your family is fighting regularly it will have a negative effect on you all. Make it a number one priority that arguments and fighting must stop. This resolution may be hard to keep but remind the kids of their resolution. Even little changes can benefit your family.
  • Be charitable- Children need to care for others and realise that there are people less fortunate than others and therefore giving is important. After Christmas, kids usually get lots of stuff and giving a tiny bit back is a lovely way to show the kids how to be charitable.
  • Help with the chores- This is a parent dream! If the kids will help with the chores this will set them up for the years ahead. Self-sufficiency is vital, and independence comes hand in hand. If the kids do chores it will mean everyone in the family will benefit as there will be more free time. Then, everyone can do more of the things we enjoy like playing games or going on days out.
  • Honesty policy- Honesty in a family is paramount in building trust and it should never be overrated. Encourage your family to adopt an honesty policy and if anyone is found to be lying they must do something they hate to make up for it! Doing this the kids will actively look for a liar amongst them to see them getting caught and it may be fun for parents too! Think of all the fun you can have if you catch out your partner for example?!   
  • Support each other- All kids have their own activities and it is nice if their family come out and support them regularly so make it a resolution, so it becomes a thing! Gather up the family and take them to your child’s game even if the others don’t want to go they should understand that supporting family members is the right thing to do.
  • Try and keep it up- Keeping up resolutions is incredibly hard, and it is never easy for the kids! However, try and keep them as you may find it helps family life immensely. Chores being done, less arguments and honesty mean a happier household!
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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