Mothers Day 2021: What Irish Mammies Really, REALLY Want!

I have no recollection of Mother’s Day 2020. None. There is a photo on my Instagram grid of our two kids, eating sandwiches in the glorious sunshine of our back garden with the caption, "Week 1 down". It was the end of the very first week of lockdown.

I imagine I was in so much of a state of shock, as was the rest of the country, that the day whizzed by in a blur of brave smiles for the kids but tearful worry when they weren’t watching.

And isn’t that the power of The Mammy? Isn’t that our strength? Our ability to get the family through horrendously worrying times without letting anyone know precisely how worried you are.

This Mother’s Day; be extra proud of yourself. You have protected your family during an unimaginable time in history. You have homeschooled, checked in on neighbours, converted sheds to home offices, found innovative ways to keep everyone entertained, swam in the sea, supported local business, quarantined Elf on the Shelf, made everyone feel special even though apart... and all of this with a brave smile on your face.

So what is on your wish list this Mother's Day? Here is what some other fabulous mams are telling me.


Some might argue that gin is on the wish list every year. This year, however, it seems especially deserved! Don’t stop at just a bottle with tonic in a bag, why not go for a Gin-in-the-Bath Pink Juniper gift box from Milk Bath.

Boozy Brunch

When you have kids, daytime drinking is the best. You can enjoy yourself, be home late enough to miss bedtime but early enough that getting up the next morning is no problem. Brunch is LITERALLY the greatest gift to mothers everywhere. If you can’t recreate one at home why not contact mam’s fave brunch spot and see if they are doing click-and-collect, home deliveries, or taking future bookings.

Dinner In A Box

There has been a LOT of cooking at home this past twelve months. For mammies, there is a joy to be found in someone you are not related to, delivering food to your table, on something other than a Peppa Pig plastic plate. Until we can get back out for restaurant meals, check online for an amazingly long list of fine restaurants that are offering top-class take-home dinners.

A Full Body Massage

I now have what I will forevermore refer to as "Zoom Neck". Craning while scrolling through emails for the correct link, muting on, muting off, smiling incessantly… and that’s just for the kid’s teachers. My own meetings are coupled with that extra layer of tension which is keeping one ear out for potential disaster from the kids as you are trying to appear professional. Every massage therapist in Ireland will be worth their weight in gold after all of this.

A Weekend Alone

Or a day alone. Or five minutes alone. Or even a wee alone. Give us the gift of a small bit of alone time, pretty please!

A Cleaner

With entire families spending an unnatural amount of time in our homes, we are now seeing our spaces being constantly tugged at and spilt on. Everything is more worn and grubby than ever before. Getting everyone out of the house long enough to sort it out does not seem to be a possibility right now. A voucher for a deep clean some time into the future would be amazing, thank you.

A Sexy Cleaner

Well, listen... it’s great to see we still live in hope.

Happy Mother’s Day. We hope you get everything you deserve!

Sharyn Hayden

Sharyn is the author of comedy smash, 'I Forgot to Take My Pill!' (Amazon) and mammy to two amazing kids, Jacob and Eva. She blogs at and is the creator of Skinny Batch Bakery in North Co. Dublin.

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