19 Things Only The Irish Mammy Says

Ah, the Irish Mammy. A unique and special lady, there are a few things you'll definitely hear her say at least once a day!

Ah, the Irish Mammy.
A wonderful and unique lady, who will ask if it's OK to open your post and constantly tell you to put a jumper on - even if you moved out 10 years ago.
In fact, there are a few things an Irish mammy is guaranteed to say at least once a day!
  • Don’t go out there without your coat on, you’ll catch your death
  • There’s a parcel here for you - will I open it for you?
  • Close the door - were you born in a barn?
  • Did you brush your teeth? Are you sure?
  • Your hair is like a bird’s nest
  • What time do you call this?
  • If you sit that close to the TV your eyes will go square
  • Do you think I’m made of money?
  • Close your mouth while you’re eating
  • Because I said so
  • I can see what you’re doing - I have eyes on the back of my head
  • If you don’t eat your dinner don’t think I’m making something else for you later
  • While you're living under my roof you’ll do what I say
  • I didn’t ask you who put it there, I asked you to pick it up
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair - it will turn white
  • You have until the count of five… one, two...
  • Tuck in your T-shirt or you’ll get a kidney infection
  • Did you turn off the immersion?
  • Don’t wear your hat inside - you’ll go bald
So, be honest, how many of these have you said since becoming a mum?!

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