How To Make The Most Of The Rest Of The Summer Holidays

The Summer holidays are coming to an end and they have flown by (just like they always do!) However, we still have some time left to enjoy.

You may (or may not be) happy to see the back of the summer holidays. But, before you put away the summer gear and get ready for schedules and routines, here are some ways to make the most out of the rest of the summer holidays:


You may have done plenty of picnics this summer but how about going for fancier options and investing in some tasty foods and luxurious desserts. The kids will love a posher picnic with sausage rolls, mini quiches, scones, fizzy lemonade and homemade brownies with a side order of fruits and freshly chopped veggies.

Make it that bit more special to round off the summer on a high and spend the day in a gorgeous spot where the kids can play and sit and relax too. 

Lie about

Literally, sit out the back and lie down while the kids play happily. Enjoy the last moments of being able to do nothing and saviour it. There are months ahead of madness and the end of the summer heralds the last bit of extended time off till Christmas. This is especially true for parents, so enjoy the last few weeks as it is vital to refuel and get you prepared for the months ahead. 

Movie binge

If your kids love movies and (depending on their preferences and age) you could sit and watch box sets for hours on end. Grab the popcorn and close the curtains to create your own cinema experience and though this can happen on the weekends during the school year, it is hard to put aside the time to do this as everyone is so busy during school term.

Stay in bed for longer

Staying in bed may not be possible if your kids are young but even staying in bed a little longer can be enjoyable. Get the kids to sit in your bed and cuddle up for a while as there will be plenty of time for rushing around in a few weeks and jumping out of bed. 

Pears next to a book and a cup of tea
Make some delicious breakfasts and relax in the mornings while you still have time.

Eat breakfasts

We know that most people eat breakfast before they leave the house but when the kids are on holidays, you can spend the time eating nicer and more creative breakfasts as there is more time.

Think eggs benedict, avocado and toast, fry ups, pancakes, waffles and porridge with added flavours. It is indulgent and a nice way to enjoy the mornings you have with the kids and to spend time together as a family.

Go on longer trips

Go to the places you wouldn’t usually go during the busy school term as it takes longer to reach these destinations and schedules don’t allow for it. If you have family who live further afield, go and visit them!

Or if there is a place you would love to visit with all the family, and even if it is a few hours away in the car, go now and enjoy it. 

Have fun!

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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